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Motorhoming Articles

This page contains an index of the older articles and motorhome information available on the website. Newer articles are now published under the News section.  I also in the process of moving articles out of this area and into the news section of the site - if you can not find what you are looking for here, it may have been moved into News .

Camp Oven Cooking

Cooking on an open fire using a campoven

This article discusses :

  • Selecting a campoven
  • preparing the oven (seasoning)
  • First time use
  • Tools and accessories
  • Caring for your campoven
The cost of living on the road

The Cost of Living on the Road

What does it actually cost to live on the road in a motorhome?
We track our spending and income carefully. Here is what it costs us each year.




Free Camping Australia

Setting up a Motorhome for Free Camping Around Australia


What does a motorhome need to have to be able to spend time away from the caravan park and power point. Is is practical?





Navigating using a GPS and a Computer

How we use a GPS and some great software to navigate
our way around Australia.




Taking Pets with you on the road

Taking Pets with you on the Road

What are the issues and problems with taking your pet with you in your motorhome or caravan?




Connecting to the internet when mobile

Connecting to the Internet when you are mobile

Options and our solution to connecting to the internet when you are a traveller.

Some options and some issues to think about.




5 years living on the road in Hobohome

Five Years of Travelling Australia

This is an interview looking at our thoughts after spending almost five years living in a motorhome travelling Australia.

Some good advise for those just starting out.




The very best of Australia

Where are Australia's hidden beauties?

This page shows (in a series of map based photos) where we think the very best parts of Australia lie. A calibration of the amazing beauty and diversity of the great Australian outback (and other places too)




REpowering a Bedford with an Isuzu

Repowering a Bedford with an Isuzu Engine

In 2006 we repowered our Bedford motorhome with a second hand Isuzu 6BD1-t engine imported from Japan. Here is the story.




MAking bread in a camp oven

How to make bread in a camp oven

A step by step guide to making great bread in a camp oven on an open camp fire.




Links to other sites

Links to other sites of interest

Links to some sites that we have found useful.




Alice Break and Clutch

Be very careful who works on your vehicle

The story of how we got ripped off by Alice Break and Clutch in Alice Springs.

This stands as a warning to all!




We welcome comments and question on any of the topics you see listed here - feel free to contact us.


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