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Motorhome Travels - July 2008


It is now officially five years since we left Sydney on that cold July morning.


In addition to the two new articles I added to the Motorhoming section of the website last month, I have added one more...

This new article is a guide to setting up a motorhome for free camping your way around Australia.

Most will be aware that our motorhome "Hobohome" is well setup to be able to avoid the expense of caravan parks and paid camping grounds. This article discusses how it is equipped to handle extended stays away from power and water etc.


Tracey photographs the Wash Pools, NSW - [Click for a Larger Image]
[Photo Information]
Tracey photographs the
Wash Pools, NSW

While we are on the subject of new things - you will see that I have added a location icon to each new blog entry. Clicking on this will display a "Google Map" overlaid with our GPS track for that month. When that map is displayed, you can zoom in on any point and move around the map to see exactly where we traveled. I am slowly working my way back through the previous blog months, adding this feature.


We are on a trek north in search of warmer weather - so far this has not been successful (might have something to do with our chosen route perhaps). We have had frost on the bus in the mornings for the last week or more. A few nights ago it got so cold outside, our inside/outside digital thermometer reported the outside temperature as "LLLLLL". I think that is digital talk for bloody cold.

Despite the cold, it has been an enjoyable trip up through this region of NSW. There are lots of really nice free camping areas and we always enjoy visiting small outback towns (most of whom are very pleased to welcome visitors to their community).