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Motorhome Travels - October 2008


We made it back!

After a wonderful 2 months traveling South America from Peru to Brazil we have returned to the bus absolutely exhausted!

The entire holiday went really well and we had a truly amazing time. We now have over 7000 photos of the trip to process...this is going to take a little while! We hope to have all images geo-referenced and processed in about two weeks time. We will post a few photos and stories on the site as time permits.


To those guys who traveled with us... "Thanks for helping to make the trip a fantastically memorable one, we really enjoyed traveling with all of you all (even you mostly drunken Irish boys :-). Please just bear with us for a week or two, we are working on a simple way to share all of the photos. From what we have seen of them so far, they are worth waiting for!" 

The team on the salt flats in Boliva - [Click for a Larger Image]
The team on the salt flats in Boliva



It is truly great to be back in the bus. Don't get me wrong, the holiday was fantastic and we both really enjoyed it immensely, but it is a great feeling to be back in Australia where you can walk down the street with out the worry of being attacked or put something down with out fear of it being stolen in less than 5 seconds. (yes, this did happen to one of the group we were traveling with!)


We spent a few days on the Gold Coast catching up with some people before heading north towards Gin Gin.

While we were away and the bus was parked up at a friends property, a number of ant colonies decided to make it home. We are slowly making our way from one end of the bus to the other eradicating the pesky little buggers.

The reason for the trip north is that we have purchased a block of land inland from Gin Gin - at Mt Perry to be precise. It is just a cleared block that has in the past been used to graze cattle. Having been parked on the property for about a week now, we can report that it is a very nice and very quiet part of the country to park up. 

Our good friends, John and Glenda are coming over from New Zealand to spend 10 days with us - they should arrive here on Saturday and we are looking forward to seeing them.

We are still working our way through the photos from the South American holiday - it is a very time consuming process, sorting, tagging and coding over 7000 photos. I have posted a few on the South American Page - I will be uploading a lot more once we have finished processing them.



The annual "Mt Perry - Pub Chop" was this weekend.

The great Mt Perry Pub Chop. - [Click for a Larger Image]
[Photo Information]
The great Mt Perry Pub

We have had amazing weather (as you would expect here in sunny Queensland) - that is until Thursday. On Thursday the rain started and while it has not been heavy rain, it has been persistent. The rain however did manage to hold off for most of the chopping competition.

The competition was fierce - these guys really take this sport seriously!


John and Glenda arrived on Saturday afternoon (friends and fellow motorhomers from NZ). Of course to coincide with their arrival the Mt Perry weather marked the event with lots more rain. The camp oven dinner that we had planed had to be postponed as the camp fire was quickly extinguished! Their later than planned arrival was apparently due to unintentionally visiting much of outback Queensland on the way from Brisbane airport (they blamed the NavMan GPS for leading them astray! - I feel that it was however suspicious that John was in the navigators seat when they arrived - the same John that some years back navigated us from one side of Oregon to the other in search of Disney World :-)


The Google Adverts - why am I now seeing adverts on the Hobohome site?

Simply put ... it is in an effort to have the website pay at least some of it's way. The site is a bit of a victim of its own popularity ... it now receives lots of traffic (which is great). The adverts return a tiny bit of money each time they are clicked on. Thus, you can help support the Hobohome site by simply supporting those that advertise on the site.

I have also added a new Google powered search site search facility on the home page. If you are looking for something in particular on the site, this is a great way to quickly locate it.


Time just shoots past when ya having fun! It seems like just yesterday that our friends John and Glenda arrived from NZ.


This morning we were up early to take them to the Brisbane airport to catch a flight back to NZ.

Hopefully they had as much fun as we did in the time they were here.


Two motorhomes on the Mt Perry property - [Click for a Larger Image]
Two motorhomes on the Mt Perry

Here is what we have been up to in the last few weeks...


We spent 4 days parked up on our block - relaxing and waiting for the ground to dry out enough to get the bus back up the fairly steep track back to the road.

After waving goodbye to Mt Perry we headed north-west to Cania Gorge and dam. This is a lovely spot, the lake is quite picturesque despite being only about 10% full at the moment. There are some nice walks through this area and we spent a few hours hiking up to the Giants Chair and lookout.

Our next stop was Biloela, and for those looking for a cheap place to stay, the Heritage centre offers overnight camping with power and showers/toilets for only $5.50 per vehicle (this seems to be a fairly well kept secret, even the Information Centre will not tell you about it unless you specifically ask!)

We had arranged to update some website work for a cattle station near Gladstone where Tracey’s cousin ‘Kiwi’ lives, the station has branched out into tourism and built a facility for coach tours wanting an overnight farm-stay and the experience of life on a cattle station (www.oldstationbrahmans.com.au).

There was a Contiki coach staying overnight while we were there, and those 18-35yr olds sure know how to party!
We then made our way back out to the coast and tried to find some nice beaches for Tracey and Glenda to work on their tans, and enjoyed a morning feeding the dolphins at Tin Can Bay.

A Red Dragonfly, QLD - [Click for a Larger Image]
[Photo Information]
A Red Dragonfly, QLD

We sadly said goodbye to John and Glenda yesterday and we will now head back up to Mt Perry for a few weeks to get some website development done and get all our photos from South America sorted.


We have added a new article to our articles section of the website - Camp Oven Cooking. This outlines some basic information on selecting, preparing (seasoning) and using your camp oven.

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