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Motorhome Travels - Feburary 2009


We are at last mobile again. The gearbox has been refitted (a major drama to get the #@^$%# thing back in place), the joey-box has been fitted and tested, the tail-shafts have been cut and balanced, the skids have been welded in place. We have a completely new clutch, a re-ground flywheel and a fully reconditioned brake booster. A new wheel cylinder was needed and we also replaced the seal on one of the rear hubs. It has been a lot of hard work but we are sure that it will all be worth the effort.

Adrian on the crane - [Click for a Larger Image]
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Adrian on the crane

First gear low-ratio is now so low, you can hardly tell that we are moving at 1500 rpm. We now need to be very careful not to break anything with all that torque at the back wheels.

The brakes are now as good as they have ever been (which is far from fantastic - but at least she stops now) and the shaft brake has been fitted but still needs some wiring.