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Motorhome Travels - September 2010


We are happily out of Perth as I write this. We quietly slipped out of the city on Friday morning and headed south to a great bush camp about a hundred km south of Perth.
Unfortunately we are heading back to the big smoke tomorrow - we have a few things to do and Tracey has an appointment with her endocrinologist on Wednesday. The time here at the camp has been great but not relaxing.

Hobohome at the POW camp south of Perth, WA - [Click for a Larger Image]
Hobohome at the POW camp south of
Perth, WA

We have taken the opportunity to get quite a few things done around the house (the bus). When we crossed the Great Central Road we had lots of dust in the back of the bus where the Moke lives - I could never quite figure out where it was all coming from. After some careful detective work I found that some dust was coming through the T&G floor and there was also a few holes in the floor. After talking to a commercial flooring guy, we decided to lay some (supposedly) super tuff tiles. We purchased the tiles, glue sealer and plywood to do the job and carefully laid the plywood and glued and screwed it into place. We then started to lay the tiles and found that even as we were putting them down, they were getting scratched. Not good! The damn things weigh heaps and the last thing we need is heavy tiles that are going to look rubbish before we even get them down. The ramps for getting the car in and out of the bus are stored under the Moke when not in use, sliding these in and out has almost completely destroyed the old floor covering - so the process will surely make short work of these tiles too.

Plan 'B' - we seal and paint the plywood and will put some extruded aluminum angle on the floor to slide the ramps on. This will be about 50kg lighter and be far more likely to last than the tiles.

The Moke storage area - all sealed and painted, WA - [Click for a Larger Image]
The Moke storage area - all sealed
and painted, WA

Tracey had her MRI (brain scan) last week - very quick due to a late cancellation. We should get the results of the MRI on Wednesday along with the results of the battery of tests done at the hospital last week. We are not expecting anything unexpected (does that make sense?) and apart from some fairly nasty headaches, Tracey is quite well.

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