When no news is NOT good news

Spot Satellite trackerThe SPOT Satellite Messenger Personal Tracker is an amazing device that is not only able to direct emergency assistance to your exact location, but is also able to send messages to friends and family telling them you are ok.

If you travel Australia in areas not covered by the cellular network, this device may just save your life. Unlike other personal locater beacons, the Spot device is able to send “I am OK” messages as well as “I need help” signals.

Physically the device is slightly smaller than your average hand held GPS receiver. It is extremely rugged; it is water proof and is able to withstand dropping.

Spot is a simplex satellite communication device that is it is able to communicate in one direction only (there is no communication or confirmation from the receiving satellite back to the device). Turning the device on activates the internal GPS receiver. It immediately starts calculating your exact position using the GPS positioning system. Using buttons on the transmitter you can communicate any one of four pre-defined messages along with your location.

  1. Emergency. Once this message is sent emergency responders will be dispatched to your exact location.
  2. Ask for help. A message is sent to pre-defined mobile phones (by SMS) and/or to pre-defined email addresses requesting help at your current location.
  3. Check-in. Messages are sent to your pre-defined contacts (by email and SMS) letting them know where you are and that you are OK.
  4. Track progress. In this mode the device sends regular position information to your contacts letting them track your progress using Google maps.Spot in hand

At a cost of A$349 plus A$144 annual service fee, the device is less expensive to purchase than a traditional EPIRB and provides many added advantages. The ability to transmit check-in messages will provide reassurance to your friends and family, and being able to summon emergency assistance to your exact location when needed has the ability to save lives.
We think the Spot device may just be the ideal solution for motorhomers and caravanners who like to explore Australia’s remote places. Now you can provide reassurance to loved ones who know that no news is not always good news.

You can read more about the Spot satellite personal tracker at http://www.gpstrackingaustralia.com.au/spot/

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