Drinking water in your motorhome

In the last article I talked about the advantages of capturing rain water from the roof of a motorhome or caravan – and described how we do this. In this article I will explain why I feel it is absolutely essential to have two tanks holding water – one for drinking water and the other supplying water for all other uses.

Water is always an issue for us – whether it is “how much should we be carrying” or “how can we make what we have last longer – so we can spend more time in this fantastic place”, water is always on our mind.

When we purchased our bus, it came with two completely separate water systems. The freshwater tank supplies water to the washing machine, the sink and the shower. It also supplies water to flush the toilet.
The drinking water tank is stored in a poly tank holding 200 litres. It supplies water to a tap over the kitchen sink via a foot switch operated in-line pump and a sub-micron filter.

This photo above was taken at one of the many rest stops situated conveniently along the Nullarbor Plains and serves as a wonderful example of why we have two water tanks. We were running quite low on water and needed to put a little in our tank for showers etc. We were able to do this without worrying about the possibility of contaminating our drinking water supply.

Our two hundred litres of drinking water can last us up to 6 weeks if we take care. In the past we have obtained fresh (non-drinking) water from :
bores, streams, wells, springs and rivers.

These sources are fine for water that you do not intend to consume – in each of these cases, we were very glad of the water and equally glad to have drinking water that was plumbed completely separately to our main water supply. Fitting a second tank for drinking water is quite a simple task – and very worthwhile.

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4 Responses to “Drinking water in your motorhome”

  1. Klaus Butow Says:

    Even water from your freshwater tank for sink and shower can contain bacteria and viruses that could be harmful for your health. Adding copper and silver ions to the water has a long lasting residual sanitation effect and keeps your water germ free for months. At the same time it prevents germs from growing in your storage tank and keeps your entire water system disinfected.
    Use Keywords: ” portable drinking water sanitation “

  2. Motorhome and Caravan Info Australia » Blog Archive » Top Questions about our “Hobohome Lifestyle” Says:

    […] sometimes possible to pump water from streams and creeks (we never drink water from these sources [see article on drinking water]  ). Many free/low cost camps are near rivers, so fresh water for washing etc is generally not a […]

  3. chris Says:

    Everything can contain bacteria. Drinking water should be as clean as possible, and I like the idea of having two seperate systems.
    Yes, it’s important to prevent cultures from growing in any of your tanks. But never forget: the more dirt you’ve been touching, licking and eating during your childhood, the more your body is used to get in touch with non-desinfected things, the better you are able to cope with them.

    This is _not_ an advise to use the output of a chemical facility for a shower nor to take a bath in suspicious liquids of any kind 😉

  4. zil Says:

    Clorox. Proper use of hyporchlorite can help with water tanks.

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