Low Cost Caravan / Motorhome Satellite TV systems

eBay Mobile Satellite TV System for travellers

eBay Mobile Satellite TV System for travellers

The cost of a complete satellite TV setup for a caravan or motorhome has slowly been getting cheaper since the Remote Area Broadcast System was introduced over 10 years ago.
Just five years ago you could pick up a complete system from as low as $650 (as we did). Today, systems retail anywhere from $400 to $1200.

This morning, while looking through listings on eBay Australia, I found two companies selling complete satellite TV systems for $199 (plus postage). I felt that this new low price warranted some further inspection – what is the quality of this bargain basement equipment and how does it compare with the more expensive systems out there?
Firstly I should say that my assessment is based solely on the equipment specifications advertised and the photographs posted on the web – I have not personally inspected the equipment (although I have ordered a setup for a friend, so I will be able to provide a first hand report once the gear arrives).
The decoder is a well known brand (Strong) that has a good following and is well supported in Australia. The dish and stand look to be of average construction and quality with one of the suppliers offering a dish with a folding arm for an additional $40 (which I feel is well worth the added cost). Both systems are supplied with a generous quantity of coax, an LNB, compass, satellite finder and instructions. No smart card is supplied and I doubt that the instructions supplied with the budget systems will compare with those supplied with the more expensive set-ups – and I suspect that very little after sales support is offered.
The suppliers are located in Victoria and WA and quote postage at $90 to anywhere in Australia (they do allow you to pick the systems up from them directly if you are in their local area).
At a total price of just $289 delivered for a complete satellite TV setup for travellers, this looks like a very good deal to me

Update – 20/12/2008 – I have now seen and setup the equipment purchased for a friend. You can read the conclusion here.

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