Why Google Ads on Hobohome?

We are very proud to be fully self-funded. We ask for, and receive no external funding of any type (ie - we are not on any form of benefit or pension). This means we work to be able to live and travel.

The Hobohome website started as a simple travel blog way back in 2003 - it has grown to be far more than this. We both really enjoy writing about our travels and I enjoy writing the technical articles. We are both very happy to answer questions, and help fellow travelers.

Running and maintaining the website costs not only a lot of time but also a lot of money. The site generates a lot of traffic with hundreds of visitors every day - this is fantastic and we are pleased that others enjoy and find the site useful.

To help offset the costs of running and maintaining the site, we have allowed Google advertising to place adverts on selected pages.

So how does this benefit us?

Most people do not understand how Google advertising works - here is what happens...

  1. I place a small bit of code on the pages where I allow Google to insert ads.
  2. The Google machine scans this webpage and tries to figure out what it is about.
  3. Based on what it decides the main topics are, it selects adverts to insert in these pages.
  4. When a visitor to the site views one of the adverts AND clicks to get more info, our Google account is credited with a few cents. We only earn money when visitors to the site click on the Google adverts.

So as you can see, supporting the advertisers on Hobohome.com (by viewing their adverts) helps support Hobohome.

We thank you sincerely for your support.

Gavin & Tracey