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"We're out there "In the Longyard""

A 12 meter Bus

"We're out there "In the Longyard"" is owned by Gary & Trish from Calliope in Cenral Qld about a K from the river rest area.


About We're out there "In the Longyard"

Us n the bus - [Click for a Larger Image]
Us n the bus

1982 Denning powered by GM 8V71 Purchased in 2005 as a shell with raised roof, paint job and the interior stripped with new floor and walls.I restripped the interior, removed the original floor (from under the new floor) and a 100 years of dust. Removed the wall panelling which was a hard wood ply and replaced the lot with lighter pine ply. Found some rust that had to be dealt with so the first 18 month was spent going backwards. Entrance is where the middle bin was with spiral stair case
We pout it on the road a coupl of weeks prior to the Rocky rally, our first.
Since then I have a lot more work tweaking things.
It is set up for 2 people. Bathroom at the back over the motor. Full shower, Macerator toilet that took a few smelly lessons to get working properly. Washing machine (front loader
Then the bed that is queen size with storage underneath, 1 cupboard built into the b'room/bedroom wall, drawers under the bed and a small set of drawers my side. Us men are simple.
Living room /lounge/kitchen. Bunnings flatpak kitchen with a vertical pantry and O'head cupboards I built. Domestic gas stove 4 burner with oven. Domestic 240V Westinghouse fridge only with a microwave buiult in above frridge. Fridge has extra insulation on either side and air space behind with a solar fan on the roof to keep air moving past the condensor rack.
Domestic split system air conditioner and a Ersbascher heater.
2 leather recliners 36"LCD TV with Wyngard antenna or Satellite dish. In dash wireless and disc player with 3 sets of switchable speakers.
Dash has all the normal guages and I have added a rev camera that will be used to monitor the toad, another camera to be installed for rearview. 2 GPS units, Navman and a chinese cheepie running IGO8. Tyre Guard monitoring system just installed but untried.
There is a wall behind the driver and passenger seats that seperates the driving compartment from the rest of the living space.

The Electrics

4 X 275 watt solar panels 24V plans to upgrade to 1000W
Dingo solar controller
4X 6V ---- 24V --- 225Amphr Trojan batteries, plans to double capacity
Jaycar smart solenoid to charge the house batteries while mobile
40amp 24/12 converter for lights, (LED) pumps, 2 shure flo, fans, heater, 2 freezers, 1 trailblazer 60tr in bin for main freezer storage 1 35L Engel up stairs for daily requirements and ice for mums rums.
Zantrax 1200watt inverter charger for 36"LCD TV, fridge, razor, kettle, toaster not quite good enough for the microwave

About Gary & Trish

Gary & Trish - Retired

Purchased in 2005, retired in 2007, to finish the build and sell the house, ran out of money and time to finish bus and house, back to work in June 2008 retired for good Jan 31 2011 .30 years at QAL Alumin refinery

Us - [Click for a Larger Image]

Crew - [Click for a Larger Image]


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