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"Mr C"

A 7m meter Motorhome

"Mr C" is owned by Phil Owen from Near London in the uk.


About Mr C

Ive been building Mr c for 9 years and have traveled all of Europe in it, I live it it in the uk, but am currently looking to emigrate to Australia and bring it with me, it has a truma combi boiler installed, LCD tv, shower, security cages, and is powered by a 6 cylinder turbo deisel engine I rebuilt myself,

The Electrics

I have designed a remote control system which has 12 buttoned remotes controlling all lights in the van, it has 4 lessure battery's and I charge from a Honda 2kw silent gennerator, no solar panels (remember I am in england)

About Phil Owen

Phil Owen - Working Hard at Home

Im an electrician, but have been obsessed with all practical knowledge from a young age, I build campervans in my spare time and last year did it full time, but am now back as a sparky to save up to emigrate to Australia,


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