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A 10 meter Bus

"Tigger" is owned by Caroline from where-ever theTigger bus is! Queenslander!!.


About Tigger

Tigger is a 1960-62 COMMER Avenger TD bus. It was originally a school bus with light and dark green livery but is now home for me (Caro) and my furry family of an 10 year old dog called Chloe, an 8 yr old cat called Pearl and a guinea pig called Henry. The bus has a Perkins 6354 motor with a 1979 Bedford gearbox. Tigger has a top speed of 80km/hr. Sadly, the Commer knocker motor is no more and the old 4 speed crash gearbox was just too old and worn out. You are welcome to follow our adventures on Facebook on the page Caro and Tigger and enjoy our adventures along with us. I have 2 x 160 watt solar panels and a 45w regulator. This does me for now as I do not have a tv or any fancy gadgets. I have a gas stove and 3 way 213 litre fridge. The shower and toilet system are not in operation atm but a bucket with a lid and another bucket with a flannel washer does me! Tigger is a work in progress so there is much more to do!

The Electrics

2 x 160 w panels - i was limited by space on the roof and a 45w regulator (a little planning for future use here). There are 2 x 125w house batteries plus a 800cc starter battery for bus which is totally separate. Gradually changing old 12v fluro lights over to LED. I don't run any real appliances but am planning on getting a 12v tv.

About Caroline

Caroline - Full Time Traveller

I have been on the road fulltime for only a couple of months at the time of writing (Sept 2014) not long after I turned 50! I travelled this amazing country for 2.5years with my 3 children and a cat from 2001-2003 living in an 18x8 caravan towed by a Rodeo ute. Now the family has flown the coop and I am able to pursue the dream of owning an old bus (or a fantasy/nightmare lol) living in it full time and travelling, exploring and having adventures when the feet get itchy. It's a slow slow journey but a good one.

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