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"Paradise Found"

An 11 meter Bus

"Paradise Found" is owned by Bob and Mary Hall from Nowra, NSW..


About Paradise Found

Paradise Found - [Click for a Larger Image]
Paradise Found

1981 IBC Coach with a rear mounted 10.4 ltr 3208 Cat V8 and 5 speed Allison Transmission. This vehicle was set up for 2 people although we have seats for 4. The spare seats are swivel mounted and seat belted and become our armchairs when watching TV or working in the study. Moving further back we have a lounge then a full kitchen with gas stove and cooktop, 220 ltr 2 door fridge that works on DC power. Next we have a shower and separate toilet, an automatic front loading washing machine and laundry tub. At the rear we have 2 wardrobes and a Double size bed with storage under and behind. Cooling/heating is provided by 2 x RC Aircoditioning units and heating is a by a 2 Kw Diesel heater. Hot water comes from a Continuous Gas HWS. Under the bus we have plenty of space in storage bins although they always seem full. Fuel consumption averaged about 33 ltr/100km for the last 25,000 km. Behind the bus we pull a trailer that carries our new (2017) Kia Picanto and where the boat used to go on top we now carry a 2 man Kayak as the boat was too hard to get down and never got used.

The Electrics

We have 2 separate power systems. The original system is the 24v start system that only runs the Bus electrics. The central house lights which are all LED are now 12v and run from the house batteries. The initial 12v house system was to run the fridge between powered stops and that had a 12v alternator on the engine and a pair of 100 Ah wet cell batteries. That has now been replaced and all 12v elements on the dash now run off the house batteries. The main 12v house power is now supplied by about 800w solar panels feeding into a Plasmatronics PL40 solar regulator. Storage is 4 x 150 Ah AGM batteries, we do have a 24v to 12v 3 stage charger to supplement the 12v sytem when we are travelling and there is no sun. 240v power and battery charging is controlled by a Victron 12/1600/70 inverter charger which is great. We also have a battery condition meter which lets up know where the batteries are at all times. Under the bus we have a Yamaha 3Kva generator for when the sun doesn't shine or we need to run the heavy power devices while on the road. We have made a point of trying to purchase electrical appliances that have

About Bob and Mary Hall

Bob and Mary Hall - Retired

We were Married in 2006 and Mary retired then, Bob had to wait until mid 2007 before Telstra gave him a heap of money not to come to work any more so at age 54 he retired also. We purchased the bus in Aug 2007 in a liveable state and have been adding and tinkering with it since. In early 2009 we got all our Medical and Dental issues resolved, sold the contents of our house, acquired an Agent and tennants and in June 2009 we hit the road and took nearly 2 years to complete the first circumnavigation. We have done quite a bit of voluntary work around the country and have enjoyed ever day of it. We so enjoy living in our bus that in places where we have been offered in-house accomodation or cabins we have refused because we are so comfortable. We also travel with our 12 year old Chihuahua, Sasha who is a great travelling companion. Our little dog died on our second trip to Darwin in 2014. We have continued to travel and have just completed 8 years on the road. We have children in Adelaide and the NSW South Coast so we have worn a bit of a track between the two but what we enjoy now is Caretaking on sheep/cattle stations. We mostly work in the Cunnamulla area of SW Queensland and got our first job through Outback Links. Most of our jobs now are from word of mouth. There is a lot of need out there.


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