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On this page you will find information supplied by other travellers about their rigs. Click on any rig name to get the full story.
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Motorhome Caravan 5th Wheeler Camper Bus

Rig 48 "Beryl"
(Josie Francis)
Bus Originally a school Bus 1979 and then converted to a Motorhome ... [read more] Beryl
Rig 47 "Miss Lizzy"
(Christopher & Miss Lizzy)
Bus We have just picked up a really nicely fitted out 1979 Leyland bus. This one's running a Detroit diesel motor linked to an Alison 5 speed auto box. It had its' original fitout in 2004. it has the main ... [read more] Miss Lizzy
Bus VANISHING POINT Started life as a 53 seat passenger coach and has now been converted to a very comfortable motorhome for 2. A major rebuilt saw her cut off at floor level and re framed, then fitted ... [read more] VANISHING POINT
Rig 45 "No name yet"
(Dorothy, Marc and Belle)
Motorhome We have downsized from our original 1962 SB Bedford to a 1988 Toyota Coaster with many other steps between the two. This latest rig was designed and constructed by Ian White who really did an amazing ... [read more] No name yet
Rig 44 "Elwood"
(Mick and Jean-Ann)
Motorhome Elwood is a motorhome converted from a 1981 Denning suburban bus. My wife and I purchased it converted we are just putting our finishing touches on it. Unfortunately the screaming Jimmy blew up o ... [read more] Elwood
Bus Our great Volvo B series converted to a motorhome. It has a full bathroom and shower. Two Air Command AC Units 360 Watts Solar (About to be upgraded to 1000 Watts) 4x 6 Volt 265 a/h AGM house batt ... [read more] OUTNABOUT
Rig 42 "Betsy"
(Andy Bolle)
Bus Betsy finished her career as a school bus in Alice Springs. Upon retiring she was converted into the Motorhome she is today, back in 2001. Not only was the old girl converted inside, she was completel ... [read more] Betsy
Rig 41 "kruze'n winta dreams"
(kris, sarah and kruze)
Bus we bought this 1960 aec bus as a motorhome and gutted it to suit our style we have a 3 year old boy and he loves it it has kitchen , queen bed , man size bunks ,shower toilet, full size annex , 5 m ro ... [read more] kruze'n  winta dreams
Rig 40 "kruze'n winta dreams"
(kris, sarah and kruze)
Bus we bought this 1960 aec bus as a motorhome and gutted it to suit our style we have a 3 year old boy and he loves it it has kitchen , queen bed , man size bunks ,shower toilet, full size annex , 5 m ro ... [read more] kruze'n  winta dreams
Rig 39 "Tigger"
Bus Tigger is a 1960-62 COMMER Avenger TD bus. It was originally a school bus with light and dark green livery but is now home for me (Caro) and my furry family of an 10 year old dog called Chloe, an 8 y ... [read more] Tigger
Rig 38 "l not know "
(bob and chloe)
Caravan hey how caravan is a good one and how 4wheeler drive is a toyato 4 wheeler ... [read more] l not know
Rig 37 "mitcheal and babby"
Camper hey how camper is a 4x4 one annd how car is a toyota 4runner ... [read more] mitcheal and babby
Rig 36 "Home"
(Russell and Shenni Waldron)
Bus 1977 Bedford Domino-Hedges bus, converted in 2004. Bought by current owners in 2011. Attached trailer completed in 2012 and carries TGB scooter and Subaru Brunby ute. Engine still remains Bedford 5 ... [read more] Home
Rig 35 "Ready to go "
(Wayne Percival)
Bus Wanting to clean swap for unit ready to hit the road or there about urgently can't wait to begin a long long trip. For a long time something for my wife a 5 year old girl and a getting old grey haired ... [read more] Ready to go
Rig 34 "Robcers Retreat"
(Robin(codger)and Cerita(her Maj))
Bus Our bus is a 1985 Volvo B10m which started life as a country school bus in NSW. We purchased the bus in 2010 and completed the conversion in Nov 2013. I did all the work myself except the final connec ... [read more] Robcers Retreat
Rig 33 "Me and Bich"
(Lyn and Michael)
5th Wheeler Our full time home is a 9m Truelux 5th wheeler made in Melbourne. It has : 2x 95L freah water tank. 1X 95L grey water tank. 2x 9kg gas bottles. Thetford cassette toilet with spare cassette. 175L ... [read more] Me and Bich
Rig 32 "WEEROONA (Resting Place)"
(Frank and Jennifer Wilmink)
Bus A 1979 Mid Mount Volvo bus, 5 speed manual. We purchased the bus about 2003 knowing that it needed to be rid of cancer. We immediately removed the skins and replaced all the upper framework and reshee ... [read more] WEEROONA (Resting Place)
Rig 31 "Shark in a Bus"
(Paul Shark)
Bus 1957 Leyland Royal Tiger Worldmaster, converted as a travelling heritage museum with accommodation for two. Fit out is ongoing with the basics in place. -Double bed -sink/basic kitchen -50l f ... [read more] Shark in a Bus
Rig 30 "Aussie Pride"
(Fran n Allen)
Bus Our home is a 1980 Bedford Domino Coach with a 6 cylinder turbo diesel Isuzu Motor. We moved into our bus as a shell with the seats removed and started with the basics our camping stove and mattress o ... [read more] Aussie Pride
Rig 29 "Weezanikinoff"
(Ash & Wendy)
Bus Our home is a 1986 Merc converted 2005 bus for two, Ash, Wendy and our two very spoilt cats. Jazzie, as she is named is completely self sufficient, which includes 3kva Honda generator with remote sta ... [read more] Weezanikinoff
Rig 28 ""Meagan Hoffer""
(Guy Slingerland)
Bus I convert buses professionally and am in the process of converting our second personal bus, being a Volvo mid mount B10 turbo diesel 4 speed auto. As a designer and tradesman majoring on (but not limi ... [read more] "Meagan Hoffer"
Rig 27 "izzy"
(peter and heather)
Rig 26 "Explorer Mk 11"
(Wayne Iremonger + Noelene)
Bus Our Bus is an ex school bus with under storage bins,1980 IBC (Ian + Bruce Campbell Built) with a cat 3280 motor.Allison 4 stage auto.41 seater. DIY. Started the strip end nov 2012 fit out and a pict ... [read more] Explorer Mk 11
Rig 25 "David and Camilla Guerin's Motorhome"
(David and Camilla Guerin)
Motorhome C.I. Carioca 656. Six berth, six seat. On 2008 Fiat Ducato. Italian built for the UK market. We bought it in Scotland, imported it to Ireland, where we worked for three years, then brought it back to ... [read more] David and Camilla Guerin's Motorhome
Rig 24 "Mr C"
(Phil Owen)
Motorhome Ive been building Mr c for 9 years and have traveled all of Europe in it, I live it it in the uk, but am currently looking to emigrate to Australia and bring it with me, it has a truma combi boiler in ... [read more] Mr C
Rig 23 "The mothership as we call her now, hasn't got a real name yet."
(Phil and Sonja Harvey)
Motorhome 2004 Isuzu NPS 300 4x4 with a custom built back. The truck was rebadged as an NPS 250 to make it drivable on a normal car licence, however SA is the only state that it has to be registered as a heavy ... [read more] The mothership as we call her now, hasn't got a real name yet.
Rig 22 ""Skoolsowt" (effectionately named Milly)"
(Bill & Tanya)
Bus Our Milly is an old school bus who did her time in the town of Young NSW Now in her retirement her strip down & rebuild commenced June 2013 however we didn't really start getting into the build ... [read more] "Skoolsowt" (effectionately named Milly)
Rig 21 "Eric and Aileene Markham's Caravan"
(Eric and Aileene Markham)
Caravan Our home for the next year or three is our 1999 Boroma Brezza. A 19foot oldie but a beautifully built caravan. It sits on Alko independent suspension with 16inch wheels. We have a Aussie Traveller awn ... [read more] Eric and Aileene Markham's Caravan
Rig 20 "Just Cruzin'"
Motorhome Think the original Italian Job or the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour. Fitted for long term off grid living she carries 800lts of drinking water, 80lts LPG, solar with silenced gen. backup, Waeco's bigge ... [read more] Just Cruzin'
Rig 19 "Corona Express "
(Corona Express )
Motorhome Our soon to be motor home is just a skeleton at the moment, under work with rust repairs. She is a 1984 49seat Isuzu, picked up for a steal. You are more than welcome to follow our project at www.coro ... [read more] Corona Express
Rig 18 "Big Boss "
(Darryl Bavington)
Bus Our bus is a 1985 Nissan Ud which has a 6 cyl turbo diesel with a standard 6 speed box.I Brought this bus off E-bay in 2009 and over a 2 year period I did my own home built motorhome conversion which ... [read more] Big Boss
Rig 17 "Our Shack"
(Mr Wato)
Caravan Our new Spinifex caravan was custom built for us, it is 25" long,it has 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms, just kidding, It has a large en suite, lounge and queen size bed, It has fully auto air suspensio ... [read more] Our Shack
Rig 16 "Tumbi Umbi"
(Phil and Sue )
Motorhome Tumbi the motorhome is a !981 Denning Denair tag axel Powered by 871 detroit has a six speed spicer gear box we just put a new complete clutch in and happy with it not think we ever had a clutch .We ... [read more] Tumbi Umbi
Rig 15 "Wothahellizat"
(Rob & Chris Gray)
Motorhome International ACCO Mk 5 ex-Army vehicle. The chassis has been extended by 1 metre. Perkins 6354 diesel. 6 cyl, 6 litres (354ci), turbo charged. Hi/lo range transfer case. Six wheel drive. Permanent ... [read more] Wothahellizat
Rig 14 "We're out there "In the Longyard""
(Gary & Trish)
Bus 1982 Denning powered by GM 8V71 Purchased in 2005 as a shell with raised roof, paint job and the interior stripped with new floor and walls.I restripped the interior, removed the original floor (from ... [read more] We're out there "In the Longyard"
Rig 13 "Dun N Dusted"
(Max and Carol Herbert)
Motorhome a 1980 leyland which has had a heart transplant from the leyland engine is now a 671 GM screaming Gm as they are effectionatly known, we purchased the shell back in 2006 and it was completed 2007 and ... [read more] Dun N Dusted
Rig 12 "UltimaRV"
(Kim Coffey )
5th Wheeler Our rig is an RK or rear kitchen model. 2010 model just purchased brand new. We are awaiting the arrival of the new Mazda BT-50 2011 model to tow it with. We intend to live in it from April 2012 and w ... [read more] UltimaRV
Rig 11 " TRU BLU"
(Dave and Shirley Ward)
Motorhome TRU BLU has been sold and is now on the Sunshine coast. If you see it say hello to George. End of an era for us. ... [read more]   TRU BLU
Rig 10 "MANfred"
(Peter Cox)
Motorhome Based on a MAN 13.280 4WD Cab/Chassis, I've combined ideas from Rob Gray's Wot2, Unicat & ActionMobil expedition vehicles. It has all the 'creature comforts' for extended remote living with a bi ... [read more] MANfred
Rig 8 "Tiki Tourer"
(Jude Morgan & Tui Hohaia)
Motorhome Our Motorhome is a 1986 American Foretravel, converted to right hand drive in Victoria. It has a CAT 3208 diesel Motor with Alison Automatic transmission. Grey & Black Holding Tanks, Fresh Water ... [read more] Tiki Tourer
Rig 7 "Paradise Found"
(Bob and Mary Hall)
Bus 1981 IBC Coach with a rear mounted 10.4 ltr 3208 Cat V8 and 5 speed Allison Transmission. This vehicle was set up for 2 people although we have seats for 4. The spare seats are swivel mounted and seat ... [read more] Paradise Found
Rig 6 "Gail & Marks Cruiser (GMC)"
(Gail & Mark)
Motorhome Gail and Marks Cruiser is a 1977 GMC motorhome. GMC's are purpose built motorhomes produced in the seventies in the USA. There were 12000 built with still around 8000 on the road around the world. The ... [read more] Gail & Marks Cruiser (GMC)
Rig 5 "Still-NoHurry"
(John & Glenda Knell)
Bus Still-NoHurry is a 10m, 1970 Bedford VAM. She had been converted a number of years prior to our purchase in June 2004. Initial changes where to add an inverter, batteries & solar. Also a change ... [read more] Still-NoHurry
Rig 4 "Still Thinking"
(Craig & Priscilla and Jake)
Motorhome 1974 Leyland Bus 680(11.0lt)Motor Mid mount 4 speed pre-select Auto. We are still doimg it up it has Queen size bed at the back then 2 bunks on L/H side with tolet & shower on the other still ... [read more] Still Thinking
Rig 3 "(Bernie) Eckhoff's Motorhome"
(( Bernie & Cheryl ) Eckhoff)
Motorhome Our motorhome is a twin deck volvo converted into a home, it has 2 bedrooms a sleeper cabin, lounge, dining, kitchen and bathroom and a seperate toilet and plenty of storage, plus 3 huge storage bins ... [read more] (Bernie) Eckhoff's Motorhome
Rig 2 "Steve & Lana's Caravan"
(Steve & Lana)
Caravan 8.0 metre Leisureline Elite Caravan. Island bed at rear, toilet shower u shaped lounge at front. Fully selfcontained Tow vehicle Isuzu Bighorn 3.1 turbo intercooled 4x4 Boat Aak ... [read more] Steve & Lana's Caravan
Rig 1 "RetroLiner"
(Paul & Wendy Greenfield)
Caravan Our caravan in it’s former life was a 1998 Windsor Sunchaser. Purchased the van in November 2009 from the Dodgy Brothers in Lismore NSW. Since that time the van has under gone major changes, mainly ... [read more] RetroLiner

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