Caravan and Motorhome Electrical Consultant

I am a registered electrician (NZ) and have been traveling and living in a motorhome for over 12 years.

This combination of qualifications and experience gives me a unique understanding of exactly what it takes to design and build a caravan or motorhome electrical system.

Getting it wrong can cost a lot of money! Why not get it right the first time? I am pleased to offer an electrical design and consultancy service at an extremely attractive rate. If you are building, altering or upgrading the electrical system on your motorhome or caravan, I offer the following services:

Because I am NOT selling anything, I have no interest in pushing any particular product - my only concern is that you get the right product for your motorhome or caravan and that it is wired and installed correctly.

Please email or phone me - I am really happy to discuss your project.