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Motorhome Travels - December 2003

Our Sixth month on the road! We are back on the Gold Coast.


With schoolies week now over, we are hoping it will quieten down here a little. We have been woken each night by loud cars and drunken occupants - but I'm guessing that that's just the Gold Coast. I'm sure it wont be too long before we are longing for some peace and solitude again.

Ty and Trish are back on the road (at least we hope so - last time we heard from them they had their wheels back on). We will spend a few days here with them when they arrive.


Oooh - long time no write. Sorry!

To avoid the noise we moved from the spit near Sea World to the land out the back of the Mobil service station near Dream World. This was great until it rained for 5 days in a row and the ground beneath us threatened to descend into a swamp. We moved to a big chunk of paved land out the back of a Caltex station and were joined by Ty and Trish. Here we spend about a week working on computers, buses and our waist-lines. Lots of food and drink, bbq's and fun. We decided to replace the bank of house batteries in the motorhome, they are over 6 years old and at least one cell is using water and looking generally sad. Once again our friend Val at Fridge & Solar provided a good price and had the batteries delivered the day after the order was placed.

A biker rally
Toys for charity - bike run

Last Thursday Wintersun (Ty and Trish) and Hobohome headed inland for a quiet relaxing time at Flannigan's Reserve near Mount Barney. Just a couple of hours drive from the Gold Coast. What a fantastic place! Nice clear water flowing in the stream and a wonderful outlook into the mountains. A couple of days here and one really feels recharged. Ty and Trish have some work to do at the CMCA village in Casino and we are heading north to meet Michelle and Martin (Slow Coach). They are doing a half days work at the Biker event in Ipswich and we are keen to see how it is done (we have a seed of an idea to start a small business).

A biker rally









The event was a "Toys for charity" run, and all of the bikers had gathered toys, decorated their bikes (some with the toys) and completed a ride through Ipswich finishing at a local club grounds. An entire truck load of toys were gathered for the local children's charity and lots of fun was had along the way.

Almost 500 bikes attended.




A small boxer dog
Here Tracey gets the wax removed from
her ear by a very friendly boxer pup














Fernvale - [Click for a Larger Image]






From the show we set up camp at Fernvale. We are parked right beside the river and both the humans and the cats are enjoying a break from the noisy Gold Coast city. It has been pleasantly warm with the odd shower of rain to keep the temperature under control. We will stay here perhaps until Friday and head back to the Gold Coast for a few days before going to Lake Summerset with Tracey's brother, Grant and his children for Christmas.








Still on the Gold Coast - having fun swimming, snorkelling and working on our tans. 




This morning Tracey and I exchanged gifts (never you mind!) then went to Grants house for a BBQ breakfast. After lunch we headed for Lake Summerset while Grant picked up the children on the jet ski. We met as arranged on the road to the lake.

We stayed with Grant, Ben and Sarah and the rest of the team until Sunday the 29th when we decided to head back to the coast.



A very quiet New Years Eve at Hobohome. Poor Tracey has an ear infection and is not feeling very festive. The cats did not want to stay up to see the new year in and retired to the bedroom before 10pm. At midnight there was a fantastic display for fireworks at a park quite close to where we had parked the motorhome - very convenient!


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