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Motorhome Travels - January 2004


Happy New Year (for 10 days ago).

Well lots has happened in the last 10 days. We made a visit to a small local airfield to take a look at the Tiger Moth aeroplanes that fly from there (I have been in love with open cockpit planes since Tracey gave me a ride in one for my 40th birthday).

Geoff in the tiger - [Click for a Larger Image]
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Geoff in the tiger

We talked with Geoff - (the owner) and arranged to park the motorhome behind the hanger and setup 'Image WorkX' in the hanger. For the last few days we have been working hard, taking photos of the customers of Tiger Moth Joy Flights.

For those who have never experienced open cockpit flying, let me tell you - it is just fantastic! I was lucky enough to score two flights on our first day here. The first was a short flight to a nearby airfield - on route Geoff treated me to a couple of loops - an amazing feeling.

The two tigers - [Click for a Larger Image]
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The two tigers

The second flight was with pilot Peter - now this was some ride! We climbed to just above the clouds and then skipped along the top of the puffy white clouds for a few minutes before starting an aerobatics routine that had my legs still wobbling at 8 o'clock at night. We tumbled and twisted, looped and stalled, went up and down for over 3 minutes - an incredible experience. I have now seen Surfers Paradise from just about every conceivable angle.

Everyone returns from their flight with a huge smile on their face - that always makes a great photo. Sales have been very good and we are really enjoying the work and working with the planes.

It is not long now until J & G come over for a visit and we are really looking forward to seeing them. We will probably continue working at the airfield until they arrive (that way we will be able to feed them when they get here ☺).






Imageworkx creation - This image looses much of it's impact in a tiny size like this, in poster form it looks quite impressive (even if I do say so myself). The airbrush art in the top right is from the boot of the car. - [Click for a Larger Image]
Imageworkx creation - This image
looses much of it's impact in a tiny
size like this, in poster form it
looks quite impressive (even if I do
say so myself). The airbrush art in
the top right is from the boot of
the car.

Another month nearly gone - our first with a positive cash flow! Apart from working at the airfield we have now done two weekend events (the first was really just half a day). Both events have been hotrod shows and have been really successful (largely due to the help we have had from Martin and Michelle). While it is hard work at times - it is lots of fun and the results we get makes our customers very happy.

The Knells will be here on Monday and we have a tiny bit of the time planned - it will be nice to relax and get back into 'Hobo mode' for a few weeks. After J & G go home we have agreed to come back to the airfield for two weeks to help Geoff out, then we are off (who knows where?).

Hobohome from the air - [Click for a Larger Image]
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Hobohome from the air

While we were working (hard) at the hotrod show, I looked up and to my surprise saw Mark and Gail - the previous owners of Hobohome! They had been driving past and saw the unmistakable large white rear of the motorhome. It was great to catch up with them and we have arranged to meet up again when we get back to the coast in a few weeks. They have seen the light (sunlight that is) and moved from Canberra to the sunshine state.


Motorhome Map and Track

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