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Motorhome Travels - February 2004


We are excited coz John and Glenda are arriving today. We will be picking them up from the Brisbane airport at 4pm. Lets hope they don't have too much luggage - the Moke has no boot!

We have not made too many plans for the time that they are with us - we will play it by ear and go with the flow. We will be back at the airfield for two weeks starting from the 15th of Feb.

On Saturday morning we got up early and took the two Tiger Moths along Surfers Paradise beach front to get some nice photos. It turned out to be a great time of the day to do it, with calm conditions and clear sky's. We were able to take some wonderful photos and Geoff was very pleased with the results.


A Tiger over Paradise - [Click for a Larger Image]
A Tiger over Paradise

A Tiger over Paradise - [Click for a Larger Image]
A Tiger over Paradise


On Saturday night we went to see Kevin 'Bloody' Wilson at the Twin Towns club with Alan and Joss. I thought that there was a danger that Kevin would be old and tired by now - no chance - he is still as fresh and as funny as he ever was - he really is a great entertainer. We all have a great night and laughed so hard we almost cried. Before the show we spotted a counter selling KBW merchandise. There were the usual range of CD's, tapes and DVDs but also a range of caps and T-shirts with the word 'Dilligaf' on them. When we asked what 'Dilligaf' was, we were told that we had to wait to find out. As part of the show Kevin taught us this new word "Dilligaf". Now this is a most useful word and can be applied to so many situations. You really should go to a KBW show to find out what it means, but if you email us (and ask nicely) we will explain it.



Firstly - well done Morgan! you win this weeks Dilligaf prize for knowing what KBW is on about.

Monday - we left the Airfield in fine weather for the trip to Brisbane airport to pick up John and Glenda. Just as the four of us were walking back to the Moke it started to rain a wee bit. By the time we secured the luggage and headed off, we were in the midst of a major tropical downpour. The Moke is not really good in the rain and we all got just a tad wet.

The rain closed the strip for two days so we will have to do the Tiger Moth experience when we get back to the coast.

Venus over Mt Maroon - [Click for a Larger Image]
Venus over Mt Maroon

Tuesday we headed for Fernvale and the Twin Bridges. The river was quite high and a bit muddy compared to the crystal clear water we had seen just a month ago. We camped by the river for three nights before setting off for Mount Barney.

The river at Mount Barney was quite high too and much cooler than it was last time we were here. Still, it was refreshing. This is a very peaceful place.

We will stay here for a few days then head for Nimbin. We are keen to visit The Rainbow Power Company. These guys specialise in alternate power systems and I'm told, have a very interesting display (the girls can't wait).

John brought a remote controlled plane with him (new and never flown) so we have been looking for a big field and some very calm weather to try it out - today may be the day!




The time with J & G went too quickly and we dropped them off at the airport this morning. We had a great time while they were here. We have gone at least a little way further towards convincing them to consider a similar nomadic lifestyle.

John and Glenda after the ride in the tiger moth - [Click for a Larger Image]
John and Glenda after the ride in
the tiger moth

We managed to get them a formation flight along Surfers Paradise beach and some aerobatics in the Tiger Moths before they left. Judging from the smiles, they both enjoyed the experience!

Today was also the first day of our 14-day stint back at the airfield helping out while Geoff has a break.










Tracey's Mum and Step-Dad arrived on the Gold Coast on Tuesday the 24th. They are on the first leg of their world trip. They are staying with Grant (Tracey's bro) until we finish at the Airfield. We will then show them some relaxing "motorhome life" - not sure where we will go yet - Mt Barney and Twin Bridges are top contenders.



Last photo of Tracey and the tiger - [Click for a Larger Image]
Last photo of Tracey and the tiger

We finished at the airfield today - we have had a wonderful time and will miss the excitement of the Tiger Moths. Geoff has been great and we thank him very much for letting us setup and stay so long. We will be back one day!

Many, many thanks to the fantastic pilots - Peter, Norm and Steve, you guys are amazing!


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