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Motorhome Travels - June 2004


I am happy to be back in the motorhome in Cairns for a week or so. I've missed the family and the motorhome.

The work in Victoria is going well and we are waiting for some gear to arrive, so I will be doing some of the work from Cairns for a short while, then back to the cold south.

Tracey is enjoying getting back into nursing. The cats have won the battle of the cat door and so get to roam freely during the day now.



After being back in the warm for a week the cold of Melbourne is just a distant memory. I think I will be here for at least another week before heading back to Victoria. The plan was to do a bit of maintenance around the motorhome but I have spent more time on the phone and with my head in a spreadsheet than I expected.

Today we brought some paint to give the motorhome a tidy up. We will do it a bit at a time over then next few months. The Moke gearbox is getting worse and we have decided to have it fixed. The two estimates we have had are both frightening - at best $1500. I'm glad we are earning a few dollars.



The beginning of the rugby season is here. The All Blacks are doing well and (sadly) the Wallabies are also coming together. On Saturday night we met up with a few of Tracey's friends from work including "Lisa the Pom"

Supporting the English rubgy team - [Click for a Larger Image]
Supporting the English rubgy team

(to be honest, I'm not 100% sure that she is a Pom - whatever she speaks when she gets excited bears no resemblance to any form of English that I have ever heard spoken - and when she has had a few drinks AND is excited she sounds like someone speaking a cross between Polish and Russian). We all decided to support the English rugby team in their clash with the Wallabies at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane. One of the local hotels has a huge outdoor screen and so we joined the crowd of mostly green & gold clad rugby fanatics watch as the Australian team brought home a crushing victory. Fortunately the face paint that we wore was of the peel off variety. When the score line reached a 30 point gap to the Wallabies, I quietly peeled off my St Georges crosses and pretended that I had been supporting the Aussie team all along. After the match we proceeded to a Greek restaurant where we enjoyed a meal and with a little help from a bottle of red wine Tracey put the finishing touches on tomorrows hangover.


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