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Motorhome Travels - July 2004


July the first, two thousand and four - that date marks our first year of doing what we want and living on the road.

I must say that it does not seem like a year ago that we left the storage yard in Sydney. It has been a fantastic year, we have learned so much and had a wonderful time. We have travelled over 12,000 km in the motorhome and a little more than that in the Moke - over 24,000 km in total and yet we have seen only a tiny fraction of Australia.

Reflections - in the last 12 months:

If the next year is even close to as much fun, we can't wait.

Right now we are still in Cairns, Tracey is working at the local hospital and I am working part time for a small company based in Melbourne. I am patiently waiting for some some administrative stuff to come through before I return to Melbourne to complete the contract. Then we can get back on the road and continue our journey. There is a possibility that we will make some major alterations to the route plan to account for the time of the year.



Sunrise in South Melbourne - [Click for a Larger Image]
Sunrise in South Melbourne

Back to work!

From the tropical warmth of North Queensland to the wintery south. I'll be here in Melbourne for a few weeks while I set up the technology for Ox Capital.


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