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Motorhome Travels - Perth 2005


Big changes - I'm not sure I like living in a house!  It is much more work than living in a motorhome.
We moved into the house in Mirrabooka about two weeks ago. When we measured to see if the motorhome would fit up the driveway we knew it would be tight - very tight. We have about 4mm on each side of the motorhome as we drive it past the house. That calls for some precision driving and good team work. The biggest issue is that on the right hand side there is a fence, the concrete driveway stops short of the fence and there is just sand for about 400mm. With such tight tolerances we can not afford for the wheels to sink into the sand even slightly - this would cause the motorhome to roll into the fence. We have laid some pavers for now and they are ok but a more permanent solution needs to be found. 

The motorhome goes into the workshop next Monday for the first look at the engine, we are taking it to Major Motors (any comments about them?). I will do something about the driveway while the motorhome is in the workshop.

Tracey has a job (she had no trouble - as usual) agency nursing and various hospitals around Perth - I have applied for a few jobs and am still waiting to hear back (sill ... no big hurry:-).

My sister and brother-in-law have purchased a motorhome - yes, a Bedford 466! (and yes, I am sure they would notice if I swapped the engine when they weren't looking). It is just a little shorter than Hobohome at 36 feet but otherwise quite similar.  They have quite a bit of work to do on her before she is ready to take them on their dream journey - they are allowing themselves a year to get ready, so we should be ready to leave Perth about the same time next year. We are picking their motorhome up from somewhere down south tomorrow (Saturday) so from tomorrow afternoon there will be another Bedford occupying the space that Hobohome used for its first few weeks in Perth. 



We took the motorhome into Major Motors about 3 weeks ago - they stripped the engine down and found a number of issues with it - no single fault, just lots of very warn bits. The pistons are quite badly warn and the rocker gear is also in a bad way. They have given us a price of $14,800 to rebuild the entire engine. Yes, that is quite a sum so we thought it wise to seek more advise.

The number of differing options were staggering! After lots of careful deliberation we have decided to replace the Bedford engine and transmission with an Isuzu 6B1D-T and a 6 speed overdrive Isuzu transmission. We purchased this from National Truck Spares on the east coast at a cost of $8500 delivered. This turbo charged engine develops 185 hp compared to the Bedfords 140hp (one person we spoke to about it described the Bedfords horses as being mostly old drays ready for the pet food plant :-). It should also be a little more economical.