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Motorhome Travels - January 2007


Well, our time here in New Zealand is almost over. We will be returning to Western Australia in February to continue our travels around Australia.

Before our return we will be spending some time in the North Island with Tracey's family and our good friends John and Glenda in their motorhome "Still-No Hurry" (named after John's approach to getting things done). We are looking forward to some R & R with those guys as our time here has been a bit more difficult than we expected.


Expect regular website updates to resume again from next month - thanks to everybody who voiced their support over the last six months.

Tracey at Waipori Falls (South Island NZ) - [Click for a Larger Image]
[Photo Information]
Tracey at Waipori Falls
(South Island NZ)


BTW - I have changed the java script that handles the larger photos behind the small thumbnails photographs (because the new Microsoft IE 7 broke the existing script) - please let me know if you have any issues with the new script (click the image to the right to test). 


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