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Motorhome Travels - October 2007


We booked the motorhome in for her spring job then headed south to "Old Station" to visit Tracey's cousin "Kiwi" (Allan). Kiwi and Lynne live on the cattle station called Old Station. It is a marvellous property that is owned by the Creed family who have lived on the land for many generations.

We were treated to a flight in Kiwis 4 seater Cessna plane - he took us for a sight seeing flight out to the coast and north of Gladstone over the offshore islands. It was a full moon the night before and the coral spawn (released during the full moon) was everywhere. It formed amazing patterns on the water as the currents moved and shaped the orange spawn.  We had never seen anything like it.


Monday we prepared the motorhome for her spring overhaul - water tanks to be removed and a few access doors to be created to allow easy access to the pins etc. Early Tuesday morning we headed for Rockhampton and Dobinsons spring works. We had been told that the entire job could be completed in just one day. By 4pm it was becoming clear that we were not going to be moving from the workshop that day.  After a very disturbed sleep in the Dobinsons yard, we left them to it for another day.

Hobohome at the spring works, Rockhamption, Qld - [Click for a Larger Image]
Hobohome at the spring works,
Rockhamption, Qld

When we returned to the motorhome at 3pm to find that the front springs were still not back on the motorhome I decided to have a frank chat with the boss. By 6pm we were driving out of the workshop with new rear spring packs , reset front springs and modified airbag mounts (and a considerably lighter bank account). The motorhome now no longer sags at the back and we have almost 200mm more clearance at the tow bar. This changed the angle for the Moke ramps as expected and these will need to be adjusted to accommodate our new rear height.


Back at old station we refitted the water tanks and modified the ramps and marvelled at our new found height and clearance - we will be unstoppable now!

One of the pet roos at Langmorn Station, Qld - [Click for a Larger Image]
One of the pet roos at
Langmorn Station, Qld

We stayed at Old Station with Kiwi and Lynne for another week and were treated to another great scenic flight along the south coast and over the rugged inland before bidding goodbye to everyone and heading south (to find cooler weather).

On the way to Brisbane we decided to make another brief visit to New Zealand for family reasons. We caught up with Tracey's brother  and his partner for an evening before putting the bus into storage near the airport, packing Tivoli off to the cattery and flying to Auckland.

It has been cold and raining since we arrived - a bit of a shock to the system when we have been used to 35 degree days for the last few months.


We will be back in the motorhome again in just a few days - not before spending a couple of nights with our friends John and Glenda in their bus ("Still - No Hurry").  


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