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Motorhome Travels - June 2008


The south coast of NSW is just fantastic. The beaches and bush land make the perfect parking spots for bus dwellers like us. We spent several days at a great (secret) location near Tathra. This camp was a few k's up a narrow overgrown winding track - a bit of a mission to get there, but well worth it. A short walk from our camp took us to a wonderful little private beach.


Early morning on a South Coast Beach, NSW - [Click for a Larger Image]
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Early morning on a South Coast
Beach, NSW

It started to rain almost the minute we crossed the border to NSW. We have been in NSW for about two weeks now and I think it has rained every day!


Driving into Sydney brought back memories of the first time I drove the bus into Sydney when we brought it back from Canberra. I was a lot less nervous on this trip into Sydney! As we passed Lane Cove we officially past our start point ... we have now circumnavigated Australia! (and it only took us 5 years!).


We made our way north of the city to St Ives where our friends Shane and Isabelle (of the Big Black Bus) are staying. They are still living in their huge double decker motorhome and getting it ready to sell (I will be posting some photos of the rig on the site soon). This is one fantastic motorhome - it is soooo roomy inside - it could easily accommodate 6 or more people in comfort for an extended trip around Australia.


As is always the case - within a few days of arriving in a big city, we are ready to leave. Big cities are not friendly places for motorhomers. We are now heading out of the city and into the Blue Mountains along a mountain road that we have not been on before.



New South Wales has been raining - I mean raining all the time. At least we know the leaks in the windows have been fixed!
Despite the almost constant rain, the trip up into the Blue Mountains has been very nice.

This is a Red-Belly-Black Snake that we nearly stood on during our morning walk! - [Click for a Larger Image]
[Photo Information]
This is a Red-Belly-Black Snake that
we nearly stood on during our
morning walk!

The scenery in this part of the state is great. The roads on the other hand ... We decided that we would take some fairly "off the beaten track" routes, so I guess bad roads are to be expected. the old bus does not seem to mind - she just bounces along.

This month we celebrate five years since we left our sensible jobs and corporate life in Sydney. To mark this milestone, we have added two new items to the motorhoming articles section of the website. The first is an interview conducted by Gail Bennett from the very popular Motorhoming Lifestyle e-zine. The second is entitled "Australia - All the Best Bits and is a pictorial view of our first five years on the road. It features some of our favorite photos of our favorite places.


Also to mark our fifth year we have decided to reward ourselves with a holiday. We decided to visit a place that we have never been and knew very little about ... South America. We fly out of Brisbane in the first week of August and complete an West-East traverse of South America starting in Peru.

To add to the fun and to make things a bit easier, we have been trying to learn Spanish. Tracey is very good at picking up languages - I am not such a quick study. I may end up asking for a haircut when I really meant to order a beer - but I guess she will help me out.


So we are making slowly (as always) north towards Brisbane, enjoying some the bits of NSW we have not visited before.


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