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Motorhome Travels - South America 2008

GPS Track

During the entire trek across South America I carried a GPS that was recording a track.

The main reason for this is to allow us to very accurately geo-code every photograph. This means that the exact latitude and longitude is recorded into the IPTC (EXIF) data of each photo.

Recording the track also allows for the viewing of the trip using Google Earth.


How to view the track:


Option 1 - Google Earth Application (best method)


  1. If you do not already have the Google Earth application installed, download it from here (Google server) and install it.
  2. Download the processed .kml file from here ( right click the blue "here" link and select "Save Target As" - IMPORTANT - make sure you save the file onto your hard disk as a .kml file (not XML - change the last three letters of the file name if you have to to make it .kml)) open the file once it has downloaded. This will load the file in the Google Earth application. You can then scroll around and zoom in and out as much as you like. 



Photos from the trip


A small number of the photos from the trip can be viewed here. Sorry, they are for now un-captioned.


The team on the salt flats in Boliva - [Click for a Larger Image]
The team on the salt flats in Boliva


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