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Motorhome Travels - October 2008


We made it back!

After a wonderful 2 months traveling South America from Peru to Brazil we have returned to the bus absolutely exhausted!

The entire holiday went really well and we had a truly amazing time. We now have over 7000 photos of the trip to process...this is going to take a little while! We hope to have all images geo-referenced and processed in about two weeks time. We will post a few photos and stories on the site as time permits.


To those guys who traveled with us... "Thanks for helping to make the trip a fantastically memorable one, we really enjoyed traveling with all of you all (even you mostly drunken Irish boys :-). Please just bear with us for a week or two, we are working on a simple way to share all of the photos. From what we have seen of them so far, they are worth waiting for!" 

The team on the salt flats in Boliva - [Click for a Larger Image]
The team on the salt flats in Boliva



It is truly great to be back in the bus. Don't get me wrong, the holiday was fantastic and we both really enjoyed it immensely, but it is a great feeling to be back in Australia where you can walk down the street with out the worry of being attacked or put something down with out fear of it being stolen in less than 5 seconds. (yes, this did happen to one of the group we were traveling with!)


We spent a few days on the Gold Coast catching up with some people before heading north towards Gin Gin.

While we were away and the bus was parked up at a friends property, a number of ant colonies decided to make it home. We are slowly making our way from one end of the bus to the other eradicating the pesky little buggers.