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Motorhome Travels - December 2008


Almost finished the new paint job. - [Click for a Larger Image]
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Almost finished the new paint job.

We really did not expect it to take this long to get the bus painted, Tracey seems to have been covered in blue and white paint for about a month now. Happily we are almost finished, with just one more coat of the dark blue to apply (today) then all the fittings to re-attach. We are very happy with the results and think that the new paint job was just what the old girl needed. It only remains to be seen how well the paint will stand up to the abuse that we dish out as we explore the less travelled tracks. Despite all the best preparations and undercoats we have tried, paint never seems to stick particularly well to the metal surface of the bus. I guess it is a tad late to ask for advice now - but if anyone happens to know why this is, we would be grateful for any information.