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Motorhome Travels - October 2009


All dressed and ready to go, Dunedin NZ - [Click for a Larger Image]
All dressed and ready to go, Dunedin

The happy couple,Dunedin NZ - [Click for a Larger Image]
The happy
couple,Dunedin NZ

After storing the bus in Perth we took the long flight to Dunedin for the wedding of daughter Zoie and Richard.
Dunedin was kind to us, the temperatures stayed above freezing and in fact we even saw some sun. The wedding of Zoie and Richard went extremely well and it was an honor to walk her down the isle. Zoie looked absolutely stunning in her black dress and I must say Richard scrubbed up quite well too! The wedding was held in the beautiful Dunedin Botanical Gardens and this made a wonderful backdrop for the photos.

It was also very cool to see daughter number two (Samantha) at the wedding.

After leavening Dunedin we spent a few days with Tracey's parents in their motorhome. The Auckland weather was not quite as kind, but it did provide some great opportunities for photos at one of the camps.

A NZ Tui, Sandspit, NZ - [Click for a Larger Image]
A NZ Tui, Sandspit, NZ

Sunrise at Sandspit, NZ - [Click for a Larger Image]
Sunrise at Sandspit, NZ

It was great to catch up with Thel and Norm again, and we really look forward to seeing both them and their motorhome in Aus sometime soon.

Our last stop before leaving NZ was to stop off and see our good friends John and Glenda. These guys also live in a Bedford bus - called (appropriately?) Still-No Hurry. Glenda is back at work and John is ... well ...um ... not :-)

The flight back to Perth never seems as long as the outward flight, perhaps this is because it is a daytime flight as opposed to the over night outbound flight. But, no matter what time you take the trip, it is a damn long way!

We picked up Tivoli from the cattery on the way back to the bus. And she performed quite loudly in the taxi all the way - I am fairly sure that she was making a point about being locked up for two weeks. She brought back a cold from the cattery and joins both Tracey and I who currently have a good dose of the flu (not sure if pigs are involved or not). So right now all three of us are sneezing and feeling generally under the weather.


Yesterday we got the suspension work on the Moke done and today we just have a few small jobs to get done in Perth before we can head out of the city for a few days to try and shake off this flu before Tracey's friend "Little Kimy" arrives to spend a couple of weeks in the bus with us.


A few months back we had the bus injectors serviced. We have been looking forward to the improvement in the fuel economy that this is expected to bring. Sadly we have instead noticed a marked increase in the fuel usage since the reconditioned injectors were fitted. I have taken the bus back to the company that did the work. They have made some minor adjustments to the fuel pump. We will have to run a few tanks of fuel through before we can say if that has made a positive improvment.

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