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Motorhome Travels - December 2013


This month we had some time to fill in between appointments and other things that have to be done.

Given the time of the year we decided it would be best to head south and try and escape the heat. To this end we planned to follow the coast south of Perth towards Albany - diving, fishing and taking video as we went.

The water on the WA south west coast is quite different to northern WA, but the fish life is just as abundant. Wind is of course always our enemy and diveable days are often quite scares. We have been down this way before, but at that time we were in a bit more of a hurry. It was nice to have the time to relax and simply explore wherever we wanted to.

Bluff Knoll Peak - [Click for a Larger Image]
Bluff Knoll Peak

By the time we arrived in Albany, the windy WA weather was giving us a real beating and we decided to head inland to explore some National Parks that we have never visited.

Porongurups NP has some quite unique rocky outcrops and we explored some of these on foot. The Stirling NP has the highest mountain in Southern WA - Bluff Knoll. The walk to the top of the mountain is well formed and not too difficult, but we were both getting close to exhaustion by the time we arrived back at the bus. The views from the top made the climb well worth while - I only wish I had taken the quadcopter, it would have been great to fly that from the top of the mountain.

Lightening Strike - [Click for a Larger Image]
Lightening Strike

On the way to the salt Lake Grace we ran into the violent storm. At first it rained so hard that we struggled to see anything out the windscreen. While the road was sealed, it was narrow and the edges were quite soft, it did not seem like a good idea to leave the seal and risk getting bogged. As the road is used by large grain-carrying road trains, stopping on the road was also not an option. As we drove on slowly trying to see through the torrential rain, hail started to fall and great flashes of lightening struck ground quite close to us. Tracey set the camera up on the dash as we drove and we captured some amazing lightening strikes on video. We eventually found a nice road-side stop to pull off and stop for the night while the storm continued all around us. 

Perth was suffering a heat wave by the time we arrived back there for the medical appointments. This made the process a little more difficult, but by the end of a very sweaty day we were pleased to be heading north towards a quiet haven (Cliff Head) where we decided to hide for Xmas.

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