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Motorhome Travels - May 2016


After months of planning and loads of preparation ... Hobohome is back on the road again. We left our property at Mt Perry at 1:30pm today (about one and a half hours behind schedule) and are currently slowly heading south.

In the past few months we have completed a lot of work on the motorhome to make it ready for another spin 'around the block'. One of the major areas we focused on was our old friends the brakes! This time we went 'all-out' (even more 'all-out' than last time we went 'all-out on the brakes) - loads of brand new bits sourced from the UK and a brand new air operated hand brake, new brake lines and hoses - basically, you name it and it is either new or been fully reconditioned. I can honestly say that Hobohome now stops when you step on that middle peddle. There is a very steep hill just a coupe of kilometers from the shouse - this was used to test the new handbrake system. It holds! (on what seems like almost 45 degrees). Well, we were impressed :-)

Those who have been following our travels for a few years will know that we originally took to the road in Hobohome (way back in 2003) with our two Burmese cats.

We lost Porcha quite early in the journey, but Tivoli enjoyed more than 10 years of exploring the big country. We lost Tivoli (at the ripe old age of 15) last year.

To keep us company on this next leg we have two brand new Burmese travelling companions.

Introducing Tirrian and Ty - The Travelling Burmese Brothers.

The Travelling Burmese Brothers - [Click for a Larger Image]
The Travelling Burmese Brothers

Same parents, six months between them - but very different personalities. Tirrian is fairy used to the bus - he lived in it with us for a few months before we finished the shouse - he was however a bit surprised when it moved! To Ty, (the younger of the pair) its all new, but he seems very relaxed about the whole thing.

Questions (I hear you ask) ... what are our plans? ... where are we going?  ... how long will we be away?
Answers ... we have none ... don't know ... no idea :-)

Well the first of those answers is a bit of a fib - we are heading to Victoria to meet up with some WA friends (more on that in the next update)... but after that ... see above :-)

Be sure to keep an eye on our Spot Real Time Location Map - you may just know where we are before we do!

Motorhome Map and Track

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