HID lamps – The torch that will light up the night (Part 1).

HID stands for High Intensity Discharge. It is a method of producing light by passing a high voltage supply through a number of different gases. The technology has been around for quite some time, most street lights (at least the orange highway ones) use a type of HID called low pressure sodium.

The good news is that recently we have started to see the cost of handheld lights employing HID lamps reaching almost affordable levels (previously I have seen them on eBay at prices around $350). This new low price is great news for anybody wanting an extremely bright light in a comparatively small(ish) package and at a reasonable price. 


Jaycar Electronics Australia (http://jaycar.com.au) are currently offering a 3300 lumen hand held spot light for $165.

HID tourch

So how bright is 3300 lumens? Well your average incandescent torch probably comes in at about 50 – 90 lumens. The newest high brightness LED torches put out around 130 – 180 lumens. From this you should get some idea just how bright 3300 lumens really is.

As we spend a lot of our time travelling in remote areas of Australia, we often have the opportunity to go out wildlife spotting at night. The enjoyment of this pastime is often limited by the strength of our lights. This torch looks like it might be the ideal light for us. I have ordered one and will provide an in-depth hands-on review (part 2) once I have had a chance to use the light for a little while. 

Here are the specifications for the Jaycar HID light.


  • 3300 lumens light output
  • About 50 minutes burn time per charge
  • 15 – 18 hours to recharge (from 12v or 240v)
  • Lamp wattage is 35 watts
  • 300mm X 210mm

Part two – “The post purchase review” can be found here.




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