Taking Pay-TV with you on the road

PayTVMany would consider Pay-TV for the motorhome or caravan an unnecessary and expensive luxury. There are of course some that consider it an absolute necessity and would forgo food in return for their daily helping of sport or other addiction.
Many people subscribe to Pay-TV at home but when taking to the road for a month or two each year leave that little black set-top box at home to feed itself their bank account each month.

So is it practical to take it with you on the road?
The short answer is yes, the programs broadcast by the two major Pay-TV content providers are transmitted from the Optus C1 satellite. This is the same satellite that carries the Optus Aurora stations (under the Australian Remote Area Broadcast Scheme). It is quite practical to use one of the low-cost caravan setups with the set-top-box supplied by your Pay-TV provider and receive the same selection of programming that you enjoy in your living room at home.

A couple of important points :
• Strictly speaking and in accordance with their contracts, neither Ausstar nor Foxtel allow you to remove their equipment from the residence where it was installed. (Select-TV does not impose this restriction.)
• The latest set-top equipment with recording capabilities requires a telephone line to be connected. It is rumoured that this type of equipment has a regular “phone-home” schedule and that if not allowed to connect, it will disable itself.

What is “Second Room” or “Multi-Room”?
Both Foxtel and Ausstar allow you to rent a second decoder and smart card to be located in a second room of the house. The cost to rent this second set of equipment is around $15/mth. I am not sure if they would consider a caravan or a motorhome to be a second room or not.

I have mentioned Foxtel and Ausstar, but what about the newcomer Select-TV?
Select broadcast their content from the IntelSat8 satellite which is lower in the sky than C1. This means that if you wish to receive channels from both from the Select line-up and from the Optus Aurora package, you will either have to erect two dishes or reposition a single dish each time to change from one provider to the other. As mentioned, they are however, quite happy for you to take the service with you in your caravan or motorhome. 

Now there is no need to be separated from your favourite Pay-TV shows … take them with you!

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  1. mark hardy Says:

    iv just brought a 74 leyland bus 95% finished motor home, its in northern nsw, im in perth leave next week. may i just say thank you for this resource. this is a one shop stop for me. im headed for the free side of life myself, so to have this site to back me up, thats a dam good first step. im sure ill be in touch again soon, bloody top site guys thanks will support for sure

  2. Hobo Says:

    Hi Mark, thanks for the comments. I hope to see you on the road sometime

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