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Motorhome Travels - April 2004


Doh!, we missed April fools day!

After spending a day with Tracey's cuz Alan and his partner Lynn we headed inland on the way to Emerald. Here Tracey hopes to find a fortune in precious stones (Sapphires and Emeralds) whereas I hope that we do not end up with as much weight in useless rock onboard as we did following the opal fossicking phase. It is likely that we will both be disappointed.

Calliope Bridge - [Click for a Larger Image]
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Calliope Bridge

We stopped for two nights at Mount Morgan to take some photos of the historic high school and to look around the town. Mount Morgan was toted as Queensland's best property buy some months ago on channel nine. While both house and land prices took a sharp rise after that, you can still buy a three bedroomed house in town for under $50K.














After one night at Emerald, lots of shopping (stocking up) we headed to the gem fields west of the town.

We set up camp on one of the fossicking areas and I whipped the (new) chainsaw into action and in 5 minutes flat we had enough wood to have a camp fire every night for a week - as Tracey said "Why did we not spend the $138.95 on a chainsaw 9 months ago" - oh well.