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Motorhome Travels - May 2004


We are currently parked up at Balgal Beach, about 60km north of Townsville. This is the last of the free beach-side camps as we travel north along the Bruce Highway. This is a long weekend with Monday being Labour Day, so the normally quiet sea-side camps are overflowing with families and people with dogs. Not the quiet and solitude that we normally seek.

Tracey has been fishing the near-by river and last night we had fish and chips for dinner. Unfortunately this was courtesy of the local fish and chip shop as we are STILL yet to catch a fish. I'm glad we were not planning on living on fish!



After leaving Balgal beach we travelled just 8km to find that there was one more free camping spot. We noticed that the camping area at Rollingston seemed to be full of buses and motor homes as we pulled in. As it turned out the CMCA chapter "The Tropical Coast Wanderers" were having a long weekend rally. They invited us to join then - and we did.

We had lots of fun, met some nice people, played a game of Trivia (girls vs. boys) and generally had a very good time.

The Tropical Coast Wanderers - [Click for a Larger Image]
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The Tropical Coast Wanderers

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Disc Bowls



















Thanks Tropical Coast Wanderers for welcoming us into your group - we enjoyed meeting you all.

We have now moved on to the wettest town in Australia - Tully. This town gets an average of more than 4m of rain each year. We have been here for two days and not surprisingly - it's rained the whole time. Still - this is the wet tropics.

Places this road does not go! - [Click for a Larger Image]
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Places this road does not go!

This morning we drove the Moke up the Tully gorge to see the white water rafters. We had a swim in the river (did not see any crocks) and watched the rafters traverse the rapids.



Just after writing and uploading the last update we decided to load up, leave Tully and head to Mission Beach. We started putting the moke away as normal. Just as I was using the winch to pull the moke down ready for the tie-downs, the hook parted from the winch rope and (to my utter disbelief) the moke took off down the ramps and then headed down the road like a race horse having thrown its rider. Tracey (thinking quicker than me) took off after it and dived into it pulling the hand brake on just before it plummeted into a huge culvert. Wow - that was a near thing! I hate to think what would have happened if it had gone down the culvert or if there had been a car or a person behind us. Closer inspection of the rope revealed that it did not break, the splice un-spliced.