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Motorhome Travels - Perth 2006


Happy New Year!

Finally, this will be the year we see the North West.

We took the motorhome to my niece Anita's house and parked it beside the other Bedford - this made staying the night simple and avoided and drinking and driving issues.

Camp Gibbins - Xmas day, WA - [Click for a Larger Image]
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Camp Gibbins - Xmas day, WA

It was a bit of a tight squeeze getting both buses on their lawn and I am sure that the neighbours thought that the world had gone mad and a camping ground had sprung up over night.

You can see from this photo that Hobohome has new front signage. The big 'Hobohome' sign sometimes attracted some unwanted attention. The new sign reads "Hobohome, On Tour". The word Hobohome is now much smaller.

Our plans to get back on the road are now well advanced. We have storage arranged and have started packing up the house.

We will be taking a trip to NZ before we set off - unplanned and a bit of a financial burden, but it will be nice to catch up with friends and family before we take to the road again.

We have a bit of an route planned, but it is quite complex. The weather changes in the North West are very extreme. There are months of the year that the wind, the temperature, the rainfall or the humidity makes some parts of the West very unpleasant - research and careful planning are required.