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Motorhome Travels - March 2006


Firstly - welcome to the new website design. I thought that a new beginning deserved a fresh new look. At this stage much of the content is the same as the old site but I have plans...
If you happen to discover any broken links or errors please let me know (Thanks Morgan).

We were treated to a surprise visit from Brandon and Denise this week - Brandon is an old friend from my days at Baycorp. It was really good to catch up with all the news - lots has happened in the last three years.

Well we finally made it out of Perth today. At about 11am this morning we hit the highway and headed south. The first stop was our storage unit at Rockingham. One of our scuba tanks failed its yearly test so we went to fetch one of the two we had left in storage. Unfortunately - both of the spare tanks from storage also failed their tests - that's three tanks failed in one month! Still, they had served us well - two of them were over 30 years old!