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Hobohome the Motorhome - OVERVIEW - what is all this about?

Gavin and Tracey

If this is your first visit to Hobohome.com - welcome. Let us introduce ourselves - we are Gavin Murray & Tracey Murray. We live and travel Australia in a large converted Bedford bus called Hobohome.

In February of 2003 we decided that we had had enough of the ordinary - we wanted some adventure in our lives. So we have decided to put our careers on hold, brought a 38 foot bus and took to the road with no preconceived ideas about where we would travel or for how long.
We have been adventuring around Australia since then. We call this the motorhome lifestyle - some would just call it a nomadic lifestyle. We started keeping a travel diary from day 1. You can browse this travel diary by visiting the Travels Page

More information about us on the Crew Page

More Information about the motorhome on the Rig Page

A couple of years ago I began combining my love of motorhoming with my training as an electrician by writing articles for our website. These articles are written for the layperson and the information is based on both my knowledge and training in the electrical/electronics field and on my experience living in a motorhome full time. You can browse the articles by visiting the Articles Page





Here is a list of the questions we are most commonly asked:

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