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Hobohome is a 1967, 38ft Bedford bus converted into a motorhome. We think it is about the best motorhome we have seen (but then we are a little biased).

The motorhome and the Mini Moke
Hobohome and the Moke in 2003

The bus was a motorhome when we purchased it in 2003 but we have been almost constantly making changes to it since then (and I don't think we will ever stop tweaking and improving). We chose Hobohome mainly because we liked the idea of having a second vehicle - but did not want to tow a vehicle or trailer.

Our love of the ocean has now changed that! In 2011 we put the Moke into storage and purchased a Suzuki Vitara 4WD and a 3.75m tinny. The Vitara is flat towed (or A-framed) behind the motorhome (because there is no way it would fit where the Moke is stored). Click here to see photos of the 4WD and the A-frame hitch.

The back of the bus has been left so that we can put the Moke back into the bus if we want to do a trip without towing or perhaps don't need a 4WD or boat. In this configuration the Moke only occupies a little over one meter of the length of the motorhome with the majority of it being hidden underneath the queen sized bed.

Click here to see a video showing how this is possible

OR - use the layout diagram below to take a virtual tour of the motorhome (still photos).

OR - click here to see a video tour of the inside of the motorhome.

NEW - Read about how differing configurations have effected our fuel economy over time



Hobohome Tour


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The Mechanics

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