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Motorhome Tour - The Car Inside


As of 2011 we have two options for a second vehicle. Depending on where we are going we can choose between:

Here is a Youtube video that shows the Mini Moke being born from the back of the motorhome.
Click to play the video.



Engineered by Mark and Gail Bennett, the Mini Moke in the back of the motorhome is a real wonder.

Amazingly, the entire Moke consumes less than a meter of the bus length when stowed. After lowering the rear suspension, the Moke is winched into position under the Queen-sized bed in the bedroom at the back of the motorhome. The only clue from the inside of the motorhome of this secret is that the bed is a little higher than you would expect

Mark getting ready to fit the Moke inside the motorhome

Mark demolishing the back of the motorhome to make the Moke-bay



The car storage area without the Moke - [Click for a Larger Image]
The car storage area
without the Moke

We have kept in touch with Mark and Gail and they are always very happy to help out with advice and info - when buying a second hand motorhome, we hope everyone is as lucky as us to get a vehicle from people as helpful as Mark and Gail.


Here is a photo of the car storage area without the Moke. On the right you can see the washing machine. The shelves at the top hold spare parts, our recovery gear and some of our SCUBA gear.

Check out our video tour of the inside of the motorhome here.

Hobohome Tour


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