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Motorhome Travels - September 2004


Today the new tire should be here.

A campfire with the Lads from the UK - [Click for a Larger Image]
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A campfire with the Lads from the UK

Yesterday we moved into the camping ground in Georgetown, they have a pool and some other bits we could make use of for a day while we wait out our penance. We plan to head west from here today to a camping spot by the river called "Little River" (I wonder if that is where the band came from?).

This photo was taken a couple of nights ago at the camp outside of Georgetown. We were joined by some lads from the UK who were travelling to Darwin in a rented camper van. They had taken advantage of a "one-dollar-day relocation deal" - the down side was that they had just four days to get from Cairns to Darwin! One thing is for sure - anything that they managed to see on the way was going to be blurry. Good luck lads.





We suggested it would take 6 days for a tire to get to Georgetown - we were wrong! Just after the last update we went to see "Bushie" at the Georgetown tire workshop and alas no tire had arrived with the courier! Well having seen all (i.e. both) the sights of Georgetown, we decided to head towards Croydon to look for a tire there. Ya wouldn't think that it would be so hard to get a tire, I mean it's not like we are wanting a antique feather duster or something equally unusual - it's just a bloody tire!