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Motorhome Travels - March 2007


After just a few days in Perth we had all of the little tasks complete and we headed north and out of the city. Normally we have no idea where we will end up that night - this time of course we new exactly where we were heading. We have a good list of great camping places from last year.

After a few days we made it back to South Cliff Head - this is where we spent Easter 2006.


There are a number of shacks here used by some commercial fishermen. We got to meet a couple of them a few days ago when a large column of smoke alerted us to a bush fire potentially heading our way.

Smoke from the fire covers the bay, Cliff Head, WA - [Click for a Larger Image]
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Smoke from the fire covers the bay,
Cliff Head, WA

When I went to bring the fire to the attention of the fishermen, I met Keith (his comment - "An old fisherman past his use-by-date"). Keith has been staying here most of the year for thirty-something years and after driving to look at the fire, informed us that we were safe. We also met Ian, Keith's son and skipper of the cray-boat Trixie.  Ian invited us to join them the next morning as they pulled and baited their 109 crayfish pots.

Ian seems to have an aversion to the use of 'actual time' preferring instead to use approximations like 'about sun-up' (this was the time we were told to meet him at the dingy the following morning). As we drove the Moke along the sandy track to the dingy at 'about sun-up' we saw the dingy speeding its way out to the fishing boat - we are too late! As we stood at the waters edge (with disappointment on our faces) we saw the dingy turn around and head back to pick us up.


Skipper Ian and deckhand Pete aboard Trixie, WA - [Click for a Larger Image]
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Skipper Ian and deckhand Pete aboard
Trixie, WA

It was a very interesting day aboard Trixie watching as they filled a number of crates with the spiny delicacies. It is a very efficient operation and the atmosphere onboard low-stress and fun.

After all the pots were checked and re-set, Ian produced a couple of lines baited for Dhufish and took us to a 'secret spot'.


Two Dhufish in 5 minutes - not bad. WA. - [Click for a Larger Image]
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Two Dhufish in 5
minutes - not bad. WA.

After just a few minutes there was a mighty shout and Tracey had a fish on her line - two minutes later I was pulling up a good sized dhufish to match Tracey's.

Ian offered to cook one of the fish and invited us to sample his world famous 'Hunter Batter'.  "What time?" we asked - "About sun-set" came the reply.  


I can report that both the fish and the batter were up to standard. We have since discovered that what Ian lacks in time-keeping ability, he more than makes up for with cooking skills.