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Motorhome Travels - April 2008


After the funeral we spent a really nice few days with our friends John and Glenda.

Still-No Hurry, parked in the camping ground at Lake Hawea, NZ - [Click for a Larger Image]
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Still-No Hurry, parked in the
camping ground at Lake Hawea, NZ

They have a Bedford bus called "Still-No Hurry" and they travel NZ full time (their website is now called "still-no update" :-). John and Glenda were in the south island attending the air show "Warbirds over Wanaka" - this is held every second year. I really had forgotten just how fantastic Central Otago is at this time of year - the autumn colours and the clear sky's are just wonderful for photography.

The Rob Roy hanging glassier near Wanaka, NZ - [Click for a Larger Image]
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The Rob Roy hanging glassier near
Wanaka, NZ

We arrived back in Melbourne at 6am on the 9th. We were very glad to get back to the motorhome (as always) and very glad to find that it was intact despite some very wild weather. While we were away we had seen TV news items showing the destruction in the area due to incredibly high winds. I was almost expecting to see a large tree crashed across the motorhome. The winds had been so violent that the power had been disrupted on the property for six days. Fortunately our solar power system happily kept our batteries charged and our fridge-freezer running.

We have decided to stay here for a couple of months - there are now a few things to be done here in Melbourne, I have a bit of web work to do and Tracey has joined up with her nursing agency again. The plan is to try and top up the bank account before we leave.

Resting after the walk to the Rob Roy hanging glassier, NZ - [Click for a Larger Image]
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Resting after the walk to the Rob
Roy hanging glassier, NZ

We are still having some issues with our steering on the motorhome. It is quite good at lower speeds but once we get over about 80km/h it has a tendency to be quite hard to keep on the road ... investigations continue.

The window tinting on the motorhome has really started to break down now - with think this has been caused by the use of window cleaner (containing ammonia), it is getting hard to see out of some windows so we are going to replace it. We are trying to decide how dark we want the new tint - darker means more privacy and less radiated heat inside the motorhome - but it also makes it darker inside the motorhome. We are leaning towards a 5% light transmission metal film. This is also known as an ambulance tint - it looks completely black from the outside of the motorhome.

Tracey has just returned from the hardware store with a steamer - we are told that this will ease the removal of the old window tint - lets hope it works!


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