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Motorhome Travels - April 2009


The CMCA (motorhome club) rally at Whyalla was a huge success. I think that almost everyone who attended (750 motorhomes) would agree that it was one of the best. I guess we are not really qualified to make that comment given that it was only our third rally - but I can tell you that it was much better organised that the Broken Hill rally that we attended this time last year.


We met a number of fellow motorhomers that we hadn't seen for quite a while and made a few new friends. It is interesting to see the club (that has an average membership age of around 67) move to more modern entertainment. Our first rally experience was at Casino (NSW) in 2003. The entertainment was not at all to our liking - music from the 40's! The Whyalla rally had some very good modern music and a fairly raunchy stand-up comedian.   Well done CMCA!

The lighthouse at Point Lowley - [Click for a Larger Image]
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The lighthouse at Point Lowley

The rally officially finished on the Sunday evening and most motorhomes were gone from the site by Monday morning. We too pulled out on Monday but moved just around the corner to the local football club grounds and parked with Frits and Riet from the motorhome "The Bleep" - Dave and Shirl from "Tru Blue" were also there.


While at the rally we met a couple (Bruce and Julie) who invited us to come and stay at their shack at Lucky Bay - just down the coast a bit. We left Whyalla on Good Friday and parked up on the sand at Lucky Bay. Bruce and Julie arrived back from a few hours fishing with a huge bag of whiting and we all enjoyed fish for dinner.

The following day Tracey joined the team on the boat and came back to the bus a few hours later with a few fish to show for the effort. The shallow sandy bottom of this gulf makes this an ideal place for catching whiting and yesterday Tracey and I joined Bruce and Julie at the local whiting spot.