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Motorhome Travels - February 2010


We are still in New Zealand - but with a bit of luck we will both be back in in the bus in a very short time.
I am scheduled to fly back to Perth on the 8th of Feb and depending on what the specialist says, Tracey (and Tivoil) will follow in a few weeks time.

Tracey is feeling really good, her headaches have all but gone and there does not seem to be any major side effects from the surgery (We are extremely grateful to the entire surgical team at Auckland hospital - you are amazing and absolutely world class).

We still do not know if follow-up treatment (either drug based or radiation based) will be necessary - but we feel that we can deal with either of these in Perth if required.

As promised in the last entry, we would like to share a couple of our favourite camp sites with you....

Just about everyone we meet asks us "What's your favourite part of Australia?"
That is such a hard question to answer! If we were to choose an area of Oz that we enjoy the most we would have to say "the outback". We love the solitude and peace that is found away from the cities and crowded coastal areas, and that is reflected in camp-spots that we class as "favourites".

As we are currently travelling the west coast here are a couple of camp spots that we love in this part of the country...

14 mile - Warroorra Station (pronounced Warra). Lat 23 17 23 S, Long 113 47 40 E

Warroorra Station - One of our favourite camp areas , WA, Aus - [Click for a Larger Image]
Warroorra Station - One of our
favourite camp areas , WA, Aus

This is a magical camping area right on the beach, with the Ningaloo reef just 1km offshore. There is camping available on the sand for caravanners and campers, and those with larger motorhomes can park in the more spacious areas along the ridge. The fishing here is great, with regular catches including Spangled Emperor, Trevally, Mackerel, Groupers and Cod. Your boat can be launched straight off the beach at the camping area, or you can throw out a line off the shore and be reasonably sure of a catch on any day.

The waters are very well protected by the Ningaloo reef, so swimming is very safe, and if you enjoy snorkelling then the fish and coral life on the reef is just spectacular. There is a cost to stay here - $25pp/pw or $5pp/pn. There are no toilets - you must have a chemical toilet and there is a dump point and rubbish dump on site. Bore water is provided from a tank situated approx. 3 kms from camp - it is too salty to drink but drinking water can be obtained from Coral Bay.

Although the cost is a little high for the lack of facilities, we find for our lifestyle it is worth the money to be able to enjoy all that the area has to offer. Dogs are permitted.