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A 5.5 meter Caravan

"RetroLiner" is owned by Paul & Wendy Greenfield from Where ever we stop.


About RetroLiner

The Val and the RetroLiner Normaton September 2010 - [Click for a Larger Image]
The Val and the RetroLiner Normaton
September 2010

Our caravan in it’s former life was a 1998 Windsor Sunchaser. Purchased the van in November 2009 from the Dodgy Brothers in Lismore NSW. Since that time the van has under gone major changes, mainly cosmetic and comfort.

The van has been re-badged the RetroLiner, and although was a very boring off the shelf Windsor caravan, it came with absolutely no bells and whistles, and very reliant on that caravan park umbilical cord for operation.

After becoming more aware of caravan travel, and the adventure to be had, and the absolute passion of hate of caravan parks after being lined up like sardines in an under sized tin, we commenced the long journey to have the Retro Liner transferred into an independent jobie, that now allows us to enjoy all the benefits of freedom camping.

Our towing rig is a 1977 VK Chrysler Valiant, and been in our family since brand new. The vehicle has also been a project, and it now fully geared up to tow. Seems we get a lot of interest in our combined rigs.

This is what we have done outside electrics:

• Removed the broken and very noisy Heron air con and fitted a CD/radio in it’s place
• Removed the external Heron compressor unit and fitted a checker plate door, which now houses the portable Coleman Hot Water on Demand in the cavity
• Designed and had built an external shower toilet annex off the back of the van
• Pump and shower arrangement
• Removed the hideous L shape lounge internally, and replaced with two Estate High Back Chairs
• Cut down the exiting oblong dining table, now 650mm round, which suits the two of us. Plus the table can be moved externally to become an outside table as well. Saves carrying a million tables
• New awning c/o cyclone Yasi
• Extended annex walls
• Extra pole carrier and two 20 litre water carriers on rear

Work in progress:

Always something, but nothing major at the moment

Negatives I can think of:

• No air conditioning,
• A domestic freezer that will requires 240 power.
• Hitching, un hitching, but that’s life.

The Electrics

• Fitted 100amp battery
• Set up various 12 volt points internally and externally
• Changed all the internal 12 volt globes to LED
• Added two strip LED’s under the cupboards in front kitchen
• Fitted 12 volt fan to remove hot air from the absorption fridge
• 120 watt portable solar
• Honda 2 KVA generator
• Sat TV (new Vast box and 180 watt pure sine inverter)

About Paul & Wendy Greenfield

Paul & Wendy Greenfield - Working On the Road

Here is a little bit about us.

Our names are Paul & Wendy Greenfield, as known as the Retro Roamers. Although coming from trade backgrounds, (timber trades and hairdressing) for the last 25 years we have been in the tourist and accommodation industries.

In 1998 we formed a partnership of Hosts On the Run http://www.hostsontherun.com.au and have been plying our skills as contract hospitality managers, either on a seasonal / relief or contract basis mainly to the motel industry, and traditionally on the east coast and inland of Qld, with a few ‘tour of duties” in NSW

2012 will see us basically retire from hospitality management, which is extremely restrictive for travelling. We may ge back to our hospitality roots, and become a couple of workers for a change. This will give us the ability to work where we want to work, not where we are required.

To keep all our followers up to date with what we are doing, keep an eye on our blog http://theretroroamers.blogspot.com


Paul & Wendy
The Retro Roamers

Our website - http://theretroroamers.blogspot.com


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