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"Aussie Pride"

A 10.7 meter Bus

"Aussie Pride" is owned by Fran n Allen from Sunshine Coast.


About Aussie Pride

Aussie Pride - [Click for a Larger Image]
Aussie Pride

Our home is a 1980 Bedford Domino Coach with a 6 cylinder turbo diesel Isuzu Motor. We moved into our bus as a shell with the seats removed and started with the basics our camping stove and mattress on the floor. Living in the bus gave us heaps of time to work on it when we came home from work so we got it quite liveable within a few months. We tow a large car trailer behind us with our 2 motorcycles which we couldnt part with and a Suzuki Grand Vitara. We have two little Staffies Nomad 6mths and Gypsy 4mths.. Our total length overall is 18.4mtrs long.. Overall weight is 13 tonne and we still manage to sit on 100kph on the open road. We get 25ltrs per hundred klms, which we consider quite good considering what we are towing behind us. The whole fitout was done by us including, running the water, power, gas and solar system and had a gas fitter and electrician sign off for us. It has taken us 2 yrs to build while we both worked full time and we even managed to fit a full size bath in..

On the Road - [Click for a Larger Image]
On the Road

Looking from the front to the back - [Click for a Larger Image]
Looking from the front to the back

The Electrics

Our solar system is 12v..We are fully self sufficient with 900 Watts worth of panels on top. 5x 100 AmpHr Batteries. 2500w invertor peaking at 5000w. We run a 60Amp Wellsee Regulator We carry a 4.5Kva generator, which gets little use as our panels supply more than enough for our needs. We have a 25Amp Projecta Smart Charger that we run when connected to power or run the geni to boost our solar system.. We run a 12v bar fridge, 12v 80ltr tucker box type fridge/freezer that we use soley as a freezer. All our lighting is Led and we have a number of 12v cigarette connections throughout the bus to charge, phones, computers etc. For our music we have a Kenwood car radio/CD player with speakers throughout. We have a twin tub washing machine that runs fantastic on our invertor, and 2 large 32inch flat screen TVs in the lounge and bedroom.

Mounting Solar Panels - [Click for a Larger Image]
Mounting Solar Panels

Working it all out - [Click for a Larger Image]
Working it all out

About Fran n Allen

Fran n Allen - Working On the Road

This is our 2nd bus. We left Sydney in 1986 with our 2 sons aged 3 and 5 and our third son was born on the road 2 yrs later. We raised the boys on the road for 11 years and only settled when the eldest was 15. We have been living on the sunny coast for 15 yrs doing a bit of overseas travel until we decided we had more of Australia that we wanted to see. We have been on the road now for 5 mths, we occasionally stop in parks but prefer to free camp and never feel threatened or nervous on our own. We do just about anything for work. Allen has his HR licence Forklift ticket and a number of other tickets and can turn his hand at just about anything. I Fran have my HR licence and bus drivers authority and worked in hospitality for 20 odd yrs, so there is always work we can do. We have been together over 30yrs with 3 sons and have 11 grandchildren. We love to travel and if we arent on the road here we are off overseas exploring different countries. So much to see and not enough time !!

This is us in Churchill Canada last year. - [Click for a Larger Image]
This is us in Churchill Canada last

CREW-NOMAD - [Click for a Larger Image]

CREW-GYPSY - [Click for a Larger Image]


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