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A 12.5 meter Bus




VP RHS - [Click for a Larger Image]

Started life as a 53 seat passenger coach and has now been converted to a very comfortable motorhome for 2.
A major rebuilt saw her cut off at floor level and re framed, then fitted with a full fibreglass body.
Full bathroom including domestic toilet, king sized bed, 3 slide out rooms have been fitted by us over the 4 year time of the build. Air suspension of course. Cruise speed 100 kph.
VP is fitted with a 6V92T Detroit Diesel (2 stroke) and all engine cooling is done by thermatic fans driven by the solar system, which is big enough to run an aircon at the same time if required. This allows us to achieve about 3 kilometres per litre, even towing a 4.5 tonne trailer. It is amazing how much an engine fan can drag from a motor. 7 speed Fuller Eaton gearbox.
The trailer is purpose built to house our 5 door Suzuki GV, spares and 5 of the solar panels. It is also on air suspension.

We are pretty self sufficient for quite some time with :
520 ltrs fresh water
260 Drinking water
260 Black water storage
260 Grey water storage.
200 Ltrs in floor tanks in trailer for washing machine, can be added to main house tanks

Also planned shortly are some side decals, name and also a scene from the end of the movie on the rear.

Trailer - [Click for a Larger Image]

Side decals - [Click for a Larger Image]
Side decals

Rear name and pic from movie - [Click for a Larger Image]
Rear name and pic from

Front name - [Click for a Larger Image]
Front name

The Electrics

Vanishing Point is our 12.5 mtr ex tourist coach, refurbished over 4 years to an extremely comfortable motorhome.
The power system consists of a 24 volt Rich Electric Supercombi with it’s associated satellites,it consists of :
2 x Supercombi inverter/charger/ control centres 3000/6000 watts each
3 x 60 amp Sunstar solar regulators
3000 watts of solar from 15 x 200 watt 24 volt panels
1 x DC switch for alternator charging (270 amps @ 24 volts)
1 x DC switch for load control for eutectic fridge/freezer.
Data cabling to connect all the above
4 x Cellog 8 Junsi for cell monitoring and control (2 x 12v, 2 x 24 v)
2 x homebuilt control centre linking Junsis and batteries
1 x 800 Ah @ 24 v Sinopoly LifePo4 house battery bank (100 Ah cells x 64)
1 x 200 Ah @ 12v Winston LifePo4 accessories battery bank (100 Ah cells x 8)
Almost all electrical, still use LPG for the BBQ but have recently added an electric oven, no problem with Lithium power.
We have a home built eutectic fridge/freezer in one of the bins, a 120 ltr bar fridge in the kitchen and another in the bin nearest the BBQ, which plugs into the front bumper bar. Induction cooktops in the kitchen, jug, toaster.
All lighting is LED 24 V, 30 separate lights inside and lightbars under each of the 7 retractable electric awnings as well.
Hot water can be heated by a 240 V element, direct low voltage from the solar panels or via engine coolant when travelling. 50 ltr storage
We have always wanted the ability to run one of the 2 domestic split systems overnight if needed, with the 24 V house bank we do have that ability

Lithium Bank - [Click for a Larger Image]
Lithium Bank

Super Combis - [Click for a Larger Image]
Super Combis



I, William, have done many things, mechanic, fisherman, shooting people, chef, builder, machine innovator, control systems, and farmer.
My wife, May, had a career in the toy industry for many years until we had a couple of brilliant kids, and of course she has done all the admin for the farming business for many years.
We started a very successful hydroponic farm supplying Woolies 28 years ago which we have recently sold for a bundle of cash. There is extensive training to be done which will take many months then we should be able to full time for a few years.
In the meantime we will grab any opportunity to get away for even a few days.

Our website - www.motorhomeconversion.com.au


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