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Motorhome Travels - August 2011


Cape Keraudren

Our new (Chinese made) water heater was sent from Sydney on the 26th of July. The less than informative Aus Post tracking system tells us exactly nothing about its location or expected delivery date - but the woman in the Port Hedland Post Office tells us that it takes 10 - 12 working days to get items from eastern states to Port Hedland, and transit times of 3 weeks are not uncommon. With this in mind we have decided not to wait in Port Hedland, but to have it sent on once it arrives.

Cape Keraudren and the battleship, WA - [Click for a Larger Image]
Cape Keraudren and the battleship,

The old water heater is still working - but it is not very reliable or easy to use ... we will manage with it for another week or two.

Cape Keraudren is a large coastal reserve located about 200km north of Hedland. It has changed very little since last time we were back in 2006. This is where we were camped when we received the phone call that prompted our rapid return to NZ that year.

The Cape has a number of camping areas and has become very popular. The price is one thing that has changed - it's doubled to $6.50 per person per night (plus an $10 entry fee per vehicle). There are some new facilities including two new dump points.