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Motorhome Travels - September 2011

Gavin's Rant


Why is it that the stupid behavior of just a few people can stuff it up for the rest of us?

Dig a bloody hole! - [Click for a Larger Image]
Dig a bloody hole!

The Gibb River Road makes its way through some of the most amazing natural landscape that Australia has to offer. It is a truly wild and isolated place - and yet there is TOILET PAPER in almost every roadside stop and riverside camp. What is wrong with these people? THE BUSH IS NOT A FLUSH TOILET!!! The paper does not magically disappear like it does at home.

We have seen this all over Australia and we have always blamed it on the foreigners travelling in those small rental vans. Well there are not many of those out here and yet there is plenty of toilet paper.

There are a number of station owners who are putting up NO CAMPING signs at every roadside and river side stop on their property, local councils are doing the same - they are doing this because of the disgusting mess left behind by a tiny minority of travellers.

We need to take a stand against this or we are going to find ourselves with nowhere to camp in the wild places.

The solution is very simple - all it takes is a shovel. For campers who do not carry a chemical toilet - just dig a hole! I am going to start handing out fliers to every small camper/ camper trailer and tent dweller I see, pointing out the problem and the solution. I call upon all responsible travellers to do the same. You can make your own flyer - or you can download mine here (370K pdf file).

By doing this we will achieve two things...

  1. We will demonstrate to land owners and councils that as responsible travelers, we will not tolerate this behavior.
  2. We may just educate some of the fools who can not currently see the harm they are doing.



The Gibb River Road, WA - [Click for a Larger Image]
The Gibb River Road, WA

We are just over half way along the Gibb River Road as I write this. Right now we are stopped at a wonderful little camp that is about 1km off the road on a wide section of the Durack River. We have the bus parked on a bank that is about 15 meters above the river - we think that there is a reasonable chance that a saltwater croc might just lurk below the slightly muddy water. Shining our spotlight on the water at night reflects a number of eyes and we have seen freshwater crocs on the opposite banks. Better to be safe than lunch.