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Motorhome Travels - January 2014


January has been a VERY busy time for the Hobohome crew. It is also looking like the most expensive month ever for bus maintenance. We need four new tires for the back of the bus - we have used and been very happy with Bridgestone tires for quite some time. When I went to price four new ones, I nearly fell off the chair when I heard the new price ... $840 each! That's just ridiculous - we will be doing what most other people seem to do - buy Chinese! The price for the same tire made in China is $350.

The next issue is a bit more serious - our diff has been getting noisy for some time - and it has started leaking more seriously from the pinion seal. We had the local diff guys look at it (they actually disassembled it completely) and it seems that most of the important bits are shot. Very disappointing given that we reconditioned it just 40,000km ago. Even more disappointingly the parts alone are looking like being around $3,500. Oh the poor bank balance.

Tivoli Helps with the painting - [Click for a Larger Image]
Tivoli Helps with the

So what else have we been doing (apart from dumping lots of money into the WA economy)? We had had a rental house in Perth for quite a few years and our tenants moved out in December - it was badly in need of renovation and some tender loving care before being re-tenanted. We have set aside 3 weeks to complete this work and it is now almost finished (thank goodness).  We have a couple of appointments at the end of January and then we are free again.

It is looking very likely that we might just be lucky enough to be invited out to the Abrolhos Islands again - fingers crossed. We are going to need some R&R after this renovation job is done.

On that subject ... I have uploaded the final cuts of the three short videos that we made when out at the islands last time.


The first video is called "Getting there".

The Second short video is called "Spearfishing " and is all about the hunt for Bald-Chin Grouper
(WARNING - many fish were harmed in the making of this video).

The Third short video is is my absolute favorite. it is called "Flight" and celebrates the beauty of the Islands with a lot of video taken from the quadcopter.

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